another list? what a shocker!

i am a list maker.
my mother is a list maker.
i’m sure her mother is a list maker.
and i’m sure my (way future) daughter will be a list maker as well.

and no, i did not forget about my “honey do” list, from my other blog…all in due time

but to help myself with more attainable goals, (keep in mind i did decide to name my new blog works in progress after all) i will attempt to categorize these ambitious ideas into now, near future, and eventually categories 🙂 sounds good right?

“now” list:

  1. gift for ashlee’s baby
  2. donation item for angela’s fundraiser  blogged here
  3. canvas for art trade with leslie
  4. flickr quilting “bee” project  blogged here

“near future” list:

  1. finish mug rugs
  2. canvas for cheryl’s kitchen
  3. project life pages for my scrapbook
  4. cross stitch woodland sampler


  1. muslin christmas ornaments
  2. quilt for brian
  3. quilt for myself
  4. have a substantial scrap stash

that’s all i can think of for now…but i’m sure the list will be added to in no time…
(hopefully i will be able to cross some things off as well!)

❤ xtina