wave your banner high

so i’ve had this blog in mind for a while now…but one thing was holding me back…and when i tell you, you’re going to think it’s dumb so i’ll only tell you if you promise not to laugh…

it was the banner…header…title pic…whatever you call it.

yes, i know, i’m weird. lol. i don’t know why i was so hung up about it. i guess to me it just seems very important because:
1. usually it’s the first thing people see when they come to your page
2. it sets the whole mood/tone for your blog
3. it needs to be something unique, not just the generic one that comes with the theme, or one a million other people have already stolen from a google image search
4. etc
5. etc

ok, so i guess it’s not that big of a deal, but it was significant for me.

for those of you that already know me, my new banner isn’t my usual style. i’m usually very scrappy. lots of color and detail. probably over the top with way too much going on if i can be my own worst critic here 😛 always wanting to add something “more.”

for an example of this, i present exhibit a, the header i made for one of my other blogs:


not saying anything is wrong with this style, it is still my style after all, but after trashing 3 or 4 attempts at creating a new banner for wips & tuts, i finally decided that maybe my usual process wasn’t working, and perhaps i should try something different. (yes, at this point i was also just ready to be done with it and anxious to get on to the other parts, but i am still very pleased with the way it turned out.)


these are some of the colors i have been in love with lately. i’ve been meaning to use this super cute lightbulb stamp for quite some time now. i am obsessed with clouds. i wanted a hip modern background pattern. and love text. and i also wanted something that didn’t quite belong, but still “fit,” (hence the hearts in place of raindrops). i think putting all of those elements together made for a simple, yet chic, and eye catching banner…what do you think?

here’s the best revelation i had today…banner’s are not set in stone and can always be changed. wow. life altering. perhaps with the seasons my banner too shall change. 😛

ok, i think that’s quite enough sass for one post

❤ xtina