welcome/third time’s a charm?

hello all, and welcome to my new blog, “wips and tuts!” (pronounced whips and toots)

so, i’m no stranger to blogging…in fact i’ve tried not one, but two times before. (they say third time’s a charm right?) my first attempt was with my dear friend ashlee. we were supposed to actually try our hand at making some of the million and one things we post on pinterest, and document them on a collaborative blog. but with a two year old daughter, and her second child just days away…we don’t get together as much as we’d like 😦 if you’d like to read about some of the creative efforts we were able to put forth, you can do so here.

then, i thought it would be cute and give us something to look back on, if i started writing about my adventures with the boy. well, when you’re tired from work and your biggest debate is what to rent from the redbox, there really isn’t much to reminisce about. lol. but now that it’s summer again, we have a few journeys planned and i will hopefully be posting much more over on our page.

so finally, here i am, ready to make a page for myself. wips and tuts. wips, stands for works in progress. i love doing any and everything creative and art related. in fact, lately i’ve even started trying new techniques and things out of my comfort zone. however, because i have SOOOO many ideas and things i want to do, i tend to get bored or frustrated with projects easily, and abandon them for something else. sometimes i come back to these endeavors with fresh eyes and enthusiasm, other times i lose interest altogether. i used to think the only things “blog worthy” were finished products. i’d like to take a different approach and try to showcase that the process is just as important. with that being said, i will no longer be ashamed if all i’m able to write about at the given moment is a work in process, with lots of potential of course 🙂

tuts, stands for tutorials. i’ve come to the sad, yet liberating, realization that i will never make a living from my hobby. therefore, if you can’t beat them, join them! i would never be where i am today without tons of free online tutorials, youtube videos, etc. and i think it’s time to share the wealth. whether i am trying a new skill, or mastering another one, i’d love to pass the techniques along to the next crafter, in hopes that they too will find something they enjoy making.

and just to wrap this up with something super cliche…i view my personal art style, and just myself in general as a work in progress. i hope that this blog will serve as just one more outlet to help me grow as a person and an artist, and to always be able to express myself either in the form of art or the written word.

i can assure you i will not be able to update every day, but i certainly hope you will follow me and share your questions and comments as i do! 🙂

❤ xtina