depends on how you define success i guess??

so, for mother’s day i made my mom a quilt. it was my first “real” quilt. (more on that later…)


it wasn’t the best quilt, but it kept me entertained for quite some time, and i felt a great sense of accomplishment upon its completion. it was also a nice, personal gift, which is what i was going for in the first place. i made the majority of the blocks using a free online class offered by craftsy, which you can find here.Β 

however, there were some blocks that i either didn’t like, or that were too challenging for a beginner quilter like me, with a short time frame. i started searching on google for substitute blocks which seemed to only frustrate me more. here are some of the problems i encountered:

  1. blocks were not the right size/not the size i was looking for. i don’t have the math capacity, nor desire to either use some special equation to convert the directions to the actual size i want, or to chart out a master plan on graph paper.
  2. blocks were paper pieced or used templates…ie, no measurements for rotary cutting like a normal person! ok, so maybe once i’ve been doing this for awhile i will eventually have the skill to do these things, but seriously?! just not there yet i guess. which is also upsetting, because i just bought this really cool book, to join this really cool quilt along group…but same thing…all templates. yikes!
  3. the awesome patterns usually cost money. now, being the crafter that i am, if i bought every single pattern, template, class, etc. that i saw and wanted on the internet…i would be one bankrupt chickadee.
  4. etc. etc.

do you like how my lists are usually only about 3 bullet points long? lol

anywho…in the midst of all this searching, i found a group on flickr called (3 x 6) sampler quilt mini bee.

basically, you get three months, to make six blocks. you are put in a group of 6 other people based on your interests, such as star, pinwheel, solids, etc. i chose solids, just because…i don’t know why lol…patterns can be overwhelming sometimes. you make a block for each of the 6 people in your group, and they each make you a block too. cool right?

so, i’ve already purchased all of the fabric for my group members, and for myself as well. although i may need to restock mine, because i’ve wasted most of it already with my crappy attempts. oh yeah, here is the amazing color scheme i have chosen by the way…

mosiac photo(4)

ok, so i was off work on thursday and friday. also i got off a little bit early today. i have been using all of that time searching for blocks that might be cool for this project, and trying to make some as well. it has not gone well, and i really don’t think i have much to show for it. (insert post title here)

it could also be that i have problems like being a perfectionist and also wanting my product to be the best in the class. lol

i’m sad to say that i can’t even show you half of my experiments, because they didn’t even make it that far. a lot of my pieces always end up smaller than they should be and i don’t know why, but i am just about over it! and i am using a scant quarter inch seam, versus just a regular quarter inch seam, which is something weird i had to learn at the beginning of this new quilting hobby of mine. i don’t really like it, because it doesn’t seem strong enough. why can’t they just alter the pattern and allow for a regular seam instead of making it so darn difficult?! #craftygirlproblems lol

ok, let me just get to the part you are probably waiting for…the pics!

attempt numero uno:


ended up small 😦

attempt numero dos:


i had to switch to scrap fabrics for awhile, since i was wasting so much of mine. ended up too small again! someone out there has put some bad craft juju on me!

and somehow in the midst of this, i ended up creating my own block, haha:


which i like, and was only a little bit too small compared to the others. but in case you didn’t notice, the checkered block was only supposed to be in the middle, surrounded by the points, lol. so perhaps it was actually too big?? ugh. and in case you didn’t notice this either, i actually reversed the colors of the points…on accident! can you tell?

at this point i am just ready to call it a night, put on pj’s, and watch pretty in pink.

i just found a pinterest board full of potential ideas though, so perhaps i won’t give up just yet. i should probably also not set such high expectations on myself yet. after all, i did just start doing this, and i can’t exactly roll with the big dogs yet.

maybe help me out with suggestions?

❀ xtina