out on a limb

at the beginning of april, i received an email from scrapbook news and review magazine. i had never heard of them before…so i can only assume that when i bought something from an online craft store, or registered on another site, my information was shared or sold with “similar” companies…resulting in what i would usually consider spam.

however, this time, something caught my eye. the subject line read, “want to become a magazine staffer?”


the call was for paper crafters, and one of the categories was mixed media artists…my specialty!

i was so excited. i read the complete details and instructions on how to apply with a fine tooth comb. i wrote, and rewrote my answers, making sure there were no grammatical errors, or “trite” responses.

i scoured over everything i’ve ever made, because the online portfolio i use only allowed for so many pieces. i wanted to show a variety of things i am capable of, yet didn’t want to overwhelm them or become redundant.

and although the email hit my inbox on april 11th, the application was not due until may 4th. i’m pretty sure i submitted mine in less than 24 hours. they said they would announce the winners within two weeks after the deadline.

there was never a mention of pay, but even just the experience and pride of being a published artist were motivation enough for me.

the trouble with being an early bird, is the agonizing waiting game…may 18th seemed too far away.

well, luckily for me, my torture ended a few days shorter than that.

unfortunately, i was not one of the chosen twenty, and that’s ok…i am still proud of myself for putting my art out there. perhaps i was not what they were looking for. usually i would get super bummed about something like this. not that rejection is something easy to accept, but i guess i just have more faith these days. everything happens for a reason, and what’s meant to be will be. being a magazine staffer was not in the stars for me. at least not for that particular magazine, and not for this particular time in my life. i will not let this keep me from applying for future endeavors, or to have any less confidence in myself.

as i’m writing this, my very supportive and loving boyfriend says, “babe, you are great at what you do. you don’t need anyone else’s opinion to prove that.” sometimes he does know the right thing to say, and the right time to say it 🙂

in case you are interested, you can view my online portfolio here. (just click on alice, then use the left and right arrows to navigate through the photos. there is also a strip of thumbnails near the bottom.)

here are a few that didn’t fit!

FAIR rocket

i would love to hear your opinion!

❤ xtina

ps:  every day since then, i have received emails from this company showcasing their new classes, by their new artists. really?! i’m not going to be so petty or bitter as to unsubscribe myself from an email list i didn’t even subscribe to in the first place…but seriously…too soon…have you no decency people?! lol