my biggest work in progress ever!

i have never been the skinny girl, or the pretty girl…so i had to learn to be the creative girl, and the funny girl. i don’t know why my weight has always been such an issue…i guess i just have cravings for the wrong things, such as soda, chips, bagels, etc.

what it really comes down to is self control and discipline. and this time, with my boyfriend as a partner, i hope we can help each other stick with the plan.

i never need a scale…i can always tell by the way my pants fit me if my weight has fluctuated or not. and as i mentioned on my other blog…although weight loss is our current goal, a healthy lifestyle is our ultimate goal.

my body (not just physical, but mental and spiritual as well) is my “biggest” work in progress. this is just one step toward getting myself where i want to be.

to read more about our paleo diet, click here.

i would love to hear some of your favorite paleo recipes!

❤ xtina