woot woot! my first tut!

and no i don’t mean flatulence, lol, i mean tutorial! ok sorry that was probably only funny to me, but i’ve been waiting to say that for awhile now, so let me have my moment!

so, as you know, quilting has been my new hobby lately…however, today i texted brian that i may need a prescription for xanax if i wish to continue. it has become frustrating and stressful instead of fun, and that is no bueno!

to fuel this quilting interest, i have been joining a lot of groups on flickr as well. one of them is centered around the book the farmer’s wife sampler quilt, which of course you have to purchase to be able to participate in the quilt along.

i was in for a rude awakening after my much anticipated purchase finally arrived…there were no NUMBERS in the book for me to measure and cut. no, no…there was a cd full of a billion templates.

remember, i am a novice quilter and hadn’t the slightest idea what to do with this book now that i had it. but all the pictures people keep posting  of their blocks are adorable and i couldn’t let the effort go to waste, or yet another project collect dust.

first things first, i opened the book and started flipping through the pages. the blocks are not in numerical order, which is good for someone as ocd as me, because i probably would’ve just been boring and picked #1 to begin with.

for my first attempt at piecing, i chose block #86-squash blossom. (partly because i hate odd numbers, and also because it kind of has a “tribal” feel, which is very current.)


then, i printed all of the templates i needed, and carefully cut them out.


after that, i picked out the fabrics i wanted from my scrap pile, and pinned the templates to the corresponding colors. (these are a great way to use up scraps, because the pieces are so small. it’s also fun to try different color combinations, as i switched mine up a few times before deciding on the final result.)


once they were all cut, i arranged them in rows, as the book depicts


i lined up the edge of the yellow triangle, with the edge of the green rectangular piece, with the right sides of the fabric together.


i sewed using a full quarter inch seam, as opposed to a “scant” quarter inch seam that’s normally used in quilting. the reason i chose to do this, is because i measured the seam allowance on the template first, and it was a full 1/4 inch. then i pressed the seam and sewed on the second green rectangular piece as before.



i don’t know why there are little triangular divets (on the top edge between the triangle and green rectangles), but they didn’t seem to cause any problems, so i didn’t worry about it too much. also, once i add a border, or add this block with another, those divets will be lost in the seam. once i was happy with my first row, i sewed the second row in the same fashion, and joined it to the first. you can see where i made a mistake and accidentally sewed it in the wrong direction and had to pull out the seam. grrrr. that was my only mistake though, so not too shabby.


i was pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out (for a first ever attempt that is). the oranges of the large triangles aren’t lined up perfectly, and the center points are not lined up perfectly either. but the block did end measuring 6 inches x 6 inches as it was supposed to, so that’s a major feat for me lol.


it was a lot easier than i expected, just kind of tedious for one small block, and i wish there was a way to get the same results with rotary cutting instead. however, i didn’t have the same desire to burn the book or take a hammer to my sewing machine as i have lately with other blocks, but that’s another story 😛

it’s also cool how the options are limitless on what you can do with these cute little blocks. here are a few nice ones i found posted in the flickr group

7440785522_45a4286c79_m 6216499282_4876033721_m

i really love those aqua and pinks together!

unfortunately, i cannot share the templates with you, as that would violate copyright laws 😦

i think this method has restored my interest in quilting, at least a little bit for now. it’s weird how i feel much more accurate with piecing, versus rotary cutting.

and it’s a shame these blocks are 12.5 inches x 12.5 inches, or i wouldn’t be so irritated with my other project right now!

do you have any tips or tricks for piecing?

❤ xtina