search for the perfect block…

the other day i started telling you all about the quilt block swap i am partaking in…

when i was off, and posted about how frustrated i have been throughout this process, i forgot to post a few pics…

i was super excited about this block, and it was shaping up perfectly…until i added the top row and it messed up everything! grrrr, i was so irritated. i swear, some days i feel like buying one of those big, cylindrical metal trash cans, just to toss all my mistakes in it with some lighter fluid and use it for something worthwhile like roasting marshmallows! lol


see?! ugh.

then i started this, because it knew it would be easy. it was easy all right, and boring too 😦 plus it still just barely made the 12.5 inch mark



finally, i worked on a bear paw, which again was easy, but i feel like the bear paw is overplayed



i have gotten some really helpful insight from a few ladies in my group. luckily they are very supportive and easy to talk to, or else i may have just removed myself from the festivities. i have also started looking at some different kinds of blocks, a little easier for my skill level, yet still cool enough to catch your eye. it’s also good that we are working with solid colors,  vs. patterned fabrics, because they are so bold and striking, you don’t necessarily need an over the top design.

hopefully this weekend i will have some time to tinker around, but i don’ t know yet.

i’m open to suggestions!

❤ xtina