the saga continues…

One would think with a weekend off I might have a little more to show for it in the crafting department…no!

But it’s not as if I haven’t tried…I was up early every morning, spending hours upon hours in the craft room, and still no results 😦

On Friday, I thought a little retail therapy might lift my spirits and reignite my excitement towards working with fabric. Craftsy emailed me about a special sale they were having…usually I delete those emails right away, but this time I decided to check it out…and for good reason!

This gorgeous box of fat quarters was on super sale, and with free shipping! After a little debate with myself, I decided I needed to indulge.







I also had some wonderful advice that I was ready to accept and take on whole heartedly
1. The more columns/rows in the block, the more seams…aka more opportunities to mess up! I guess I should’ve realized that…but still! Of course all of the patterns I like have a ton of small blocks that have to be put together. So, step one, give up this idea until I am better 😦
2. Try paper piecing. It takes some time to learn, but the seams and measurements should be perfect every time. Ok, I’m up for new options…
3. Try a 9 patch pattern

Having decided to scrap the intricate designs altogether, I wanted to take the next piece of advice as well and experiment with paper piecing. I had to watch a YouTube video, read a detailed tutorial, and mess up three practice blocks before I finally got the hang of it. It was going perfectly, or so I thought, until the last of the 4 pieces. Once that was ruined, I was over it. Here’s what I almost had


Next, I picked a 9 patch pattern that I love and thought would be so visually striking using solid colors, but I messed up the flying geese, and it was too short, and again I got annoyed


Then I thought forget it, maybe I need to take it way down a notch, so I tried a 4 patch and none of the points were matching up, so at that point I left the craft room to whine to Brian and my group leader


This is literally word for word what I sent my group leader, although I’m sure she is way tired of hearing from me:
“Ok, perhaps you can suggest some things for me to practice, because I am at my wits end. Tried paper piecing, it was going well, then not so much, and still ended up about 1/4 inch short. Tried 9 patch and even 4 patch! But the points on the half square triangles never seen to match up! The seam I am using is beyond scant. I’m using up all of my fabric. I will be out of own the entire last week of June. I’m just about to lose it I think! I do not want to make a safe, boring block and I think that is my biggest problem. I am seriously almost frustrated to the point of tears right now.”

Then, it was Brian’s turn. I told him that I have been practicing my little behind off and it’s seriously not fun anymore. I get so excited about something and then so upset when it doesn’t work out. I feel like I’m wasting time and fabric and the only marbles I have left! It’s also hard for me to accept that there’s a craft project that I’m not good at, and making something amazing, not just mediocre, is my biggest hang up.

He was very comforting and supportive and basically told me he thinks I shouldn’t give up so fast.

Grrrr. Lol

I also feel like I was so excited about my new blog and how I was gonna rock out all these amazing things, but so far it has been nothing but trial and ERROR and aggravation.

But then again, I guess I did also say that I need to appreciate the process as much as the product, not be hard on myself for unfinished works and just keep learning, having fun, and pushing through.

With that said, I have found yet two more blocks I am going to attempt the next chance I get. Are they my first choice or my favorite? No. Will they get me back on track and calm my nerves? Let’s hope so!



In the meantime, I am still open to tips, tricks, tutorials, suggestions, etc. that you think will be helpful or that I may benefit from!

Also, I have another post in the works about a paper project that I actually am happy and excited about, so please be sure to check that out…hopefully it will confirm that I actually can craft, am productive, and am not always a grouchy little Asian lady 🙂 lol (but thanks so so so so much to all of you who still love and put up with me when I am)

❤ xtina