one small step…

one small step for me, one giant leap for quilting!

i actually have a small triumph to report!

i don’t know if i was all riled up from the pacer’s win over the heat or what, but at almost midnight, i decided to try out a new technique, and miraculously after my strew of bad luck, it was actually productive!!

i don’t think you know realize the depth of my excitement.

YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! (hopefully that illustrated it. maybe just a little? lol)

seriously, after my last like 3 or 4 posts grumbling about how i suck at quilting, i’m overjoyed to finally be able to talk about something positive.

i wasn’t supposed to touch fabric at all tonight. i was supposed to be working on a paper crafting project (which will hopefully be posted soon!) but was granted an extension, so i just wanted to take the night off, relax, hang out with friends, and watch the pacers. however, i couldn’t get this block out of my mind, and really wanted to attempt this new element.

today, while scouring flickr for potential interesting blocks, i happened upon this one:


however, it’s from a book , therefore, i could not find the pattern for free. apparently this block is actually known as the box kite “alternate.” the original box kite looks like this:


not quite as appealing.

anywho, since i could not find the pattern (which i actually JUST discovered is paper pieced, which makes me feel even better about my experiment!) i had to do a little digging.

the method used in this block, is half rectangle triangles…just like half square triangles, but not, lol. i read a quick tutorial, seemed easy enough, and apparently i must have an awesome memory, because i was able to whip out this bad boy:


sorry for the fabric choices, again, it was midnight, and also i am tired of wasting fabric, so just chose some quick scraps to practice with. sorry also for the photo quality…the color next to the red is actually supposed to be light pink, lol. i have a nice camera, and have been promised a nicer newer camera, but my ipod is just so convenient for snapping quick pictures, and easily uploading them.

i know my rectangle is not perfect, but for my first go at it, i am very pleased. the color possibilities with this are endless. i think i may just have found the start of something new!! 🙂 now, if i could just find a paper piecing template for it, i would be one happy lady!

i needed this little boost of confidence and excitement. now i can go to bed with a grin on my face tonight.

more googling tomorrow to see what i can come up with…if not, i may have to try to create a template of my own, or even just stick with this method. let me know if you have access to this pattern! i would be forever indebted to you 🙂

❤ xtina