happy scrappy journal!

i have a shopping problem. of course i purchase the normal girly things, like shoes, purses and hair accessories. and then i buy the normal crafty things, like stamps and fabric. but then i buy random things like picture frames, water bottles, and journals. i LOVE journals!

however, i don’t think i’ve ever completely filled up an entire journal. i write a few things on a few pages, and then i forget about it, and the next time i see a cute journal, it’s on to the next. moleskins are some of my favorites, because they are blank and can be transformed into anything i want. the pages also come in striped, grid, accordion, etc. and they are really good quality, so i can use them for art journals if i want too, not just to write in.

i don’t know how i ran across mary ann moss’ blog,Β  it must have been quite a few years ago by now…but ever since then, i have been coveting one of her classes called remains of the day. it’s basically a way to use all of your favorite papers to make a journal with a fabric cover.

i don’t know why i’ve never broken down and purchased it, because i have bought some other classes since then, but i do have an overflowing folder labeled “remains of the day,” where i have been hoarding papers, tickets, stickers, etc. etc. that i want to include in my ultimate dream journal.

at this point, i just have way too many other financial obligations, and just shattered my ipod touch screen πŸ˜₯ so i will have to continue to wait, and continue to collect in the meantime.

even though i have been heavy into quilting lately, i am still a mixed media artist at heart…paper was my first love, and will always be my favorite. i decided it was time for me to have my own handmade journal, with or without the class.

i think i read 1,000 tutorials…ok, not 1,000 but for sure like 50. none of them were quite what i was looking for, although i did gather many helpful ideas in the meantime. i finally just made myself take the plunge, experiment, and see what i came up with.

so here goes…

i wanted the cover to have a cool shape and stand out, so i used a “bracket” type line. i don’t know what that’s called, sorry. i wanted to use a plain brownish kraft paper, but didn’t have any big enough, so i figured gray is neutral and would do in the mean time.


after it was all said and done, i reinforced the binding with some washi tape.


i tried to count all the pages just so i could say, here is my amazing 29 1/2 page journal, but i didn’t really know if i should consider each little insert a page or not, so i’ll let you be the judge. i’m going to show you a quick run through of each “page” and give you a little more detail about what’s going on. i literally just started throwing things in that were interesting to me. i did not, however, use any of my reserved stash…i am going to save that for when i can actually take the official class. ok, the c stands for christina of course. this was the front of a greeting card. throughout the entire journal, you will see a ton of washi tape. i mostly used it to reinforce items that were sewn, and the binding, but sometimes i just used it for a splash of color or to add an interesting detail. i used a mixture of store bought, and home made. if you like my home made washi tape, you can read a previous tutorial i wrote about it here.



see those adorable anchors running down the side of the page? i just purchased that rolling stamp on friday. it was really reasonable and super cute, so i couldn’t resist. this is the first time i’ve used it, and i love it! it made such an easy accent.


that adorable bird is a sticker/stamp.


i finally got to use my tab punch too, and i love that purple/green polka dot combo. i stapled it to a “ledger” looking page.


this circular grid stamp hasn’t been used much either. i can’t wait to color it in when i am bored!


i have made this cute little brown “manila envelope” for something else and never used it. i love cupcake things (but not actual cupcakes) so i added the sweet strip to the folder, slapped on a red label, and ta da…jazzed it up a bit.


here is the inside…


this cool insert was actually a copy of a page from one of my favorite journals. i made a bunch of copies to use when i was teaching, if i needed to send notes home or just jot things down for myself to remember…i found it and quickly added it to the pile.



sometimes when i see images i like in magazines, i save them, never really knowing what i am going to do with them. take this black and white castle for example. i think it fits in rather nicely right here, what do you say?


here i’ve used an old library card and tore out a page from a mini journal. cute cute cute. i can’t wait to write a list on that card πŸ™‚



this is from a thank you card that i messed up on, so i kept the front. it reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream, and i love scalloped edges.



the stamp on the tag is new too. i haven’t ever figured out what to use it for. i didn’t attach the tag completely, so i can write behind it, and also on the backside of it.






and finally, i wanted to include a real envelope…i don’t know why. it’s not that cute, but a pocket is useful, so whatever.


i wanted to leave some pages completely blank, in case i wanted to do some art on them, instead of just writing. for a first attempt, i think it turned out pretty well. i was worried that i wouldn’t know how to attach the little inserts, but i figured it out ok. i did notice some things that i want to change for future journals, and i still definitely want to take the class. my cover is obviously not fabric, but that’s ok…the better to decorate πŸ™‚

perhaps i will finally fill a journal…if i do, i will be sure to post so you can see how it turns out.

have you ever been too cheap to purchase something, so you tried to figure out how to do it on your own? or is this just a poor girl problem that only i have? lol.

hope you had a productive weekend…i sure did!

❀ xtina