this is what i warned you about…

too many projects, and not enough time or drive.

it’s funny because i just realized that the last project i completed (happy scrappy journal), was not even on my to do list, so that tells you a lot right there.

and now, i have some new things to share with you…no completed projects of course…just many more works in progress 🙂

so, i had yesterday off, although i don’t think just one day was mental preparation for the 7 more i have ahead! ay yi yi. anywho, i met a friend at my most favorite place in all of indianapolis, pottery by you. i’ve been wanting, and NEEDING, to paint a utensil holder, because all of my spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks, etc. just do not fit together nicely in one drawer. however, the friend of mine that also wants to paint a utensil holder was not available to come with us, therefore i had to chose something else. i had been wanting one of these cute little tripod carryalls for the craft room, but they were out of them almost every time i went. i finally broke down and asked one of the owners when they would have more…she told me they increased the price drastically, so unless they went on super sale, she wouldn’t be purchasing them anymore. low and behold, this time they had just a few, so my friend enthusiastically encouraged me to get it, in case i never get the chance again. well the design i already had in my mind wasn’t exactly cohesive for a rounded piece, which meant i had to rethink my plan. although i usually go for more complex ideas, i decided to do something a little more simple, so i might just get done in one session. nope…


picking the colors was a process in its own. also, you have to do three coats of each color, and as you can tell…painting around all those polka dots was very tedious and time consuming, so i only got one coat done. needless to say, i will be going back. hopefully next friday, since i’m off then.

i also stumbled upon this adorable book. sorry for the crappy pic, i haven’t posted in awhile and was in a hurry. this book was super cute, and on amazing clearance…i figured i could use the miniature quilts for babies instead of “dolls” as the title suggests, but once i actually took time to look at the dimensions, some are smaller than 2 foot squares. i guess they could use it for a lovey, or a “jiggy” as my best friend calls it. i already have a lot of ideas cooked up for some patterns in the book, and hopefully since they are so small they won’t take that long…or is that just me wishful thinking again? (something else that wasn’t on the list, unless i do end up using it for a baby blanket for ashlee and griffin).


next…am i 80? i think so! because my hobbies include a lot of fabric crafts! i used to really love cross stitch (thanks to 4H…yes, i was in it ONE summer only. don’t judge!) and once i saw the woodland sampler, i knew it was time to pick it up again. today, i was at my parents helping them pack for the big move (or should i say scouting out things i wanted to keep tee hee) and found this huge bag of embroidery floss. yes please! my mom used to have like 3 huge boxes of this stuff…it was really organized and so pretty to look at. i think every once in a while we would steal some to make friendship bracelets, and this tangled mess is all that was left of it. i didn’t mind and quickly added it to my stash 🙂


here is a preview of what someone else has done so far


how freakin cute is that?! you pay for the year, but only get one month at a time. since i just paid, i received january through june. looks like i have a bunch of catching up to do, wouldn’t you say? (see below)


lol. wow. the artistic side of my brain must have a million things going on at all times.

to recap, i added a pottery piece, and tiny quilts to my list of projects to do.and i have started working on something that was already existing on my list, however, not much has been accomplished.

first things first, i really need to finish my quilt blocks for the swap. i have about 2 out of 6 done, and don’t have a day off for quite a few days, but perhaps i can at least get the fabric cut in the meantime.

while at the pottery place, i also saw a class that i am dying to take, and quickly roped my friend into going with me. (it’s on the 20th) the last time i went, i had a blast and my piece turned out perfectly. i’ll have to get a picture of it up so you all can see. here is the one we will be signing up for soon, can’t wait!


until the next project i take on…

❤ xtina