wips i’ve been up to…

so, i’ve noticed that most of my collage work and paper crafts depend on the use of fancy papers and cool stamps…i wanted to challenge myself and see how much i can do with just pen and a paintbrush. not much at first, but hopefully it will get better! lol. i will share journal pages worth posting. here’s the first…sorry i am using the camera on my ipod so i can get ready to go, so my pics are not going to be cannon quality.


my parents are moving, and my mom is on a purging spree. luckily my step dad (that i usually just call my dad, but for the purpose of this story, you will need to know the difference) saved this from the fire and suggested she give it to me. i owe him one! it’s the album of all the pictures from her first wedding to my biological father. she was so young and cute, and had a traditional vietnamese wedding, so i really enjoyed looking at the photos. they are no longer sticking to the pages though, so i got this new album to showcase them in πŸ™‚


i’ve also been secretly trying to turn an old favorite pair of pajama pants into something cool. i say secretly because i have no one in mind for it, so it’s just an indulgent project for myself. brian’s cousins that we love just had a baby girl (finally, after two boys!) and i could make it for her, but now that everyone knows it’s made from a pair of pj’s, i don’t know how they would feel about that, lol. i just really love the pattern and color scheme and couldn’t part with them. i also like the “scaly” pink fabric i am pairing it with. i think the scalloped shape and lines of the flowers go well together. but that’s just my opinion πŸ™‚



still chugging away on my blocks for the swap over on flickr. i decided to sew the seams using the paper this time to see if that would help. a lot more tedious, but i think it did help a little. that’s supposed to be navy, but it looks black. sorry. i like this one a lot. i played with the center square and like the way it turned out.



and finally, one of my sorority sisters that i’m pretty close with, is having her first child…a boy! she decided on orange and light teal for her nursery colors. she will also be having dark brown furniture. with that in mind, i was wanting to make a cross quilt:

cross quilt

but found this greek cross quilt and fell in love with it instead.

greek cross

plus it will only take 15 blocks total, which i think will be pretty quick to whip up. here is the first one. i love the polka dots and chevron-ish patterns! i am pleased with how the colors are coming together too. that’s supposed to be dark brown in the top corner, but also looks black. sorry! one day i will have a nice camera…or at least that’s what brian keeps promising.

i also discovered the difference between cheap fabrics and expensive ones. the solids literally shrink after ironing them. what the heck?! so the squares were supposed to be 4.5″ but i ended up having to trim them down to 4. the block size was supposed to end up at 12″ but i had to square mine down to 10.25 grrr! i also wanted more pattern and less solid, but surprisingly there weren’t many orange or teal that were boyish enough. oh well…i like how this first block turned out already πŸ™‚


as always, too many projects…not enough time! i saw a million fabrics i wanted to buy for myself, but had to maintain control. oh! i did order a few charm packs that are darling, and got a new modern block book on super sale. i will post those later, because i need to leave this craft room. enough work for one day…i am satisfied.

since my parents’ life is hectic right now, i offered to have the fam over for father’s day dinner tomorrow night. tough, because i sill have Β a few more days of my paleo challenge (hop on over to my other blog to read about my journey) but don’t want to punish them. i think i’ve decided on chipotle bbq pork loin, mashed potatoes, and green beans. should be fun.

i’m sad, because brian is headed out of town in the morning with his family for a few days, which will give me a lot of time to work on crafts, but right after that, i am headed out of town to visit my family, and that will give me NO time to work on crafts, lol. i think i will bring my woodland sampler with me πŸ™‚

thanks for stopping by.

❀ xtina