30 before 30?

bucket lists…we all have them…maybe we don’t all have them written down, but at least we have mental notes of things we’d like to experience right?

well, i saw a cute one somewhere that was based on the age of the person…i think it was 28 things for her 28th birthday. i hate to admit, i will be 29 this year, yikes. that doesn’t leave me much time to do much in my 28th year. so, i figured i would take a bigger leap, and make my list 30 things to do before i am 30.

i thought it would be hard to come up with 30 things, but on the contrary, as i approached 30, i started rethinking some of my previous items, because i wanted more room to add newer things, lol. i also came to the sad realization that i probably won’t travel outside of the country for example, in just a year and a half. therefore, i am just going to make this a general bucket list. boring, i know, but it’s the thought that counts right?

i do, however, want to read 30 NEW books before turning 30. i used to be such an avid reader, but somehow arts and crafts have slowly taken over. on my recent trip to maryland i finished a book and got a good ways into a 2nd, so it is possible, if i slow down and make time to read. i once started trying to document all the books i have read on shelfari and goodreads, but it took way too long, and i don’t think i ever did end up remembering all of them. i think i listed about 80 on goodreads, and about 60 on shelfari, so 140 altogether? i have quite the collection on my kindle and bookshelves at home too, so i can probably say i’ve read over 200 books. wow. i’m a nerd. haha.

anywho…here are both of the lists…please feel free to share your bucket lists and for sure i will be needing some book suggestions! 🙂

“30 before 30”

    1. ride in a hot air balloon ( i really wanted to be proposed to in one, but brian said no. boo!)
    2. see another musical, or even better, see a show on broadway
    3. go line dancing/square dancing
    4. travel outside of the country
    5. go scuba diving
    6. go sailing
    7. relearn vietnamese
    8. learn to play the guitar
    9. swim with dolphins or manatees
    10. swim in a waterfall
    11. attend a colts game
    12. attend a ufc fight
    13. climb the statue of liberty
    14. visit coney island boardwalk
    15. attend a beer fest
    16. acquire a taste for wine
    17. paint a set of russian nesting dolls
    18. read 30 books before i’m 30, including a book of poetry and analyze it (running list is on my other blog here)
    19. take more classes both art and academic
    20. have a pet dog
    21. attend a retreat…creative, spiritual, or otherwise
    22. volunteer more
    23. get at least one piece of art published
    24. win a blogger award
    25. see the blue man group
    26. get a tarot card reading or get my astrological chart made
    27. ride a train
    28. stay at a fancy hotel
    29. complete a scrapbook for myself
    30. complete a quilt for myself