inspiration and new supplies

i just got home from a family trip to maryland. there are two things i love about maryland. the first is a fine chinese restaurant called hunan manor, where we order salt baked shrimp, squid, and scallops with jalapenos, and make peking duck wraps with scallions, hoisin sauce, and rice “pancakes.”

the second, is the paper source store. we don’t have it here in indiana, i think the closest is in chicago. and shopping online is just not the same. one of my aunts was nice enough to drive me about 40 minutes just so i could shop there. i bought some things i could not live without, and i also took some pictures of things i would like to try to recreate myself. here is the first…


i don’t know what’s up with jars lately, but i too have joined the bandwagon. i have a plain jar stamp, and also this set from paper trey. i even plan to make some christmas ornaments (eventually), it’s on my list. but i thought with the stamps i already have, i can certainly whip up something like this. i think i really just like the phrase that they used…”fresh ideas.”


i used to have everyone in my family save bottle tops for me to make magnets, but once i finally found that resin stuff to use in them, it was milky and bubbly and didn’t look anything like the ones i’d seen before. so clearly, i stopped making them. i love these magnets, well particularly the phrases on them, so i don’t know if i will give magnets another go, or just use these quotes for another project.


then i saw these cool embroidery stencils i guess they are? for scrapbook pages. i was about ready to buy them, but realized i have a ton of alphabet stencils, and it wouldn’t take much to poke a few holes myself. i also have needles and tons of thread, so instead, i just took a picture to remind myself and will attempt it myself at home. oooo, i feel a tutorial coming on šŸ™‚


i did end up buying these tags. i had seen them before on two peas in a bucket and wanted them. i thought this was a reasonable price, and i didn’t have to pay for shipping obviously, lol. i plan to use them for project life pages, if i ever get around to that!


i also bought these two stamps. don’t know what in the world i plan to do with them, but i have a problem, and they were just too cute to resist, lol.


here are a few stencils i did end up buying. just because the examples on the package were inspirational. and they were super affordable. these are also a thick cardboard…so even though i have a few similar masks already, they are that flimsy plastic that you are supposed to use with mists.

i think i’ve mentioned that my parents are in the process of moving. so last night when brian picked me up from their rental, we looked at this old “scrapbook” i had made for my mother. i use the term scrapbook loosely, because i had written quotes, with plain old markers and fancy fonts, on plain old printer paper, and attached a few pictures to each page. yet still, i was in awe of it. brian mentioned that i enjoy scrapbooking and paper crafts, but have been too consumed with quilting lately, and should get back to it. i made my brother sam a scrapbook when he went to college last year (you can see it here), and my sister tori is going to be a senior next year, so he suggested i make one for her. or even continue to work on one for myself. we shall see.

i’ve been away for quite a few days, and have missed blogging! a few more posts, then enjoying the last few days i have off before it’s back to work this weekend.

ā¤ xtina