glutton for punishment…

once again, instead of completing projects that are already in the works, and “due” soon, i have started some new ones…

i was supposed to meet up with a good friend for lunch today, but unfortunately she got sick last night and had to cancel. that gave me time to…what do you think? quilt of course! lol. i have been seeing the “swoon” block EVERY where lately and loving it. i just so happened to get an email from craftsy, offering select classes for just $9.99 versus the regular price of $39.99, and pre cut piecing made simple, just so happened to be one of them. i would pay $10 just for the swoon pattern, but now i have that, and so much more. it really was time consuming cutting and arranging all the pieces, so i didn’t quite finish yet. of course i had to cut mine down to a little smaller than what the pattern calls for, because i’m still crappy like that. but i like the way it is coming together so far, and can’t wait to finish. the upside, is that you only need like 9 of them i think to make the whole quilt. ps, yes that is gold metallic. gorgeous!


i think i must be really cheap or not shopping at the right places, because i see all these amazing fabrics on other peoples’ blogs, but don’t have very many awesome ones myself. since i am pretty  new to quilting still, my “stash” is not as big or wide ranging as i’d like it to be. therefore, on flickr, i signed up for a fabric swap. it seems simple and fun enough. you buy a yard of “low volume modern” fabric. cut it into 28 5×10 inch “bricks” and send them in to the host. she sorts out all of the fabric, and sends you back one of each of the others in return. so, send in 28 of the same, get back 28 different. make sense? i can’t wait to see what i get. i looked at some of the fabrics people have posted so far, (as to avoid duplicates), and saw a lot of colors. i decided to go with a neutral color, and loved this “wood grain” pattern.


forgot to tell you that i bought this book for a really good price the other day. there are really only 2 or 3 blocks i am dying to try, but of course i had to buy the whole book to get them.


i’ve also been seeing a lot of people participating in the tula pink city sampler quilt a long (100 modern quilt blocks), and am really wanting to join as well. however, the book is more than i am willing to pay right now, even on amazon and half price books…so i have to hold out a little longer 😦


by the way, i still have only made one block for the farmer’s wife sampler, so perhaps i shouldn’t keep biting off more than i can chew. 😦

and finally, i’ve signed up for my first blog hop…it’s a “christmas in july” project. but, the schedule is not official yet, so i can’t share the link. will keep you updated.

after working for over half the day on these various projects, the sun, my kindle, and vodka were calling my name. i took a quick break to meet my best friend and her son at the pool for an hour or so.

rounded out this friday evening, with date night 🙂 and he is rushing me so we can watch our redbox. back to work tomorrow after a nice week off. boy it went fast. i’m going all in too, i agreed to work a double tomorrow, in exchange for sunday off. hopefully i can squeeze in some crafting then!

❤ xtina