cuts, totes, and x’s and o’s

today i was going to run errands after work, but we had to stay almost 2 hours late…so i decided to be lazy and head home instead. first, i cut up a storm. i cut 28 5×10 inch “bricks” for a fabric swap i’m in.

i also finally found a modern quilting guild in my city. i’m so excited! i missed last month’s meeting, because i was on vacation. i have to work during this month’s meeting, but i am trying to arrange it so i can go. they are having a “build your own charm pack swap.” here are the ten patterns i have chosen. geez i really need a camera…my ipod isn’t cutting it anymore!


i also got some totes on clearance at target, and really reasonably priced ones at lowes as well. in the big ones, i have sorted my small starter stash of fabrics into warm colors, cool colors, and neutral colors. in the small ones, i have organized individual projects, with coordinating thread, patterns, etc. i would like to go back and get a few more of each, however, i don’t want my craft room to be over run by plastic containers.


and i finished out my productive stint by trying a new pattern. x’s and o’s. i am testing out patterns that strictly use charm packs. this didn’t turn out as cute as i expected it to. should i try more or go back to the drawing board?


not pictured, i did try a new paper piecing pattern but there was not much of it to show, lol.

still tired from my double on saturday, and another long day today. think i’m going to call it a night here shortly.

hopefully more to report next time!
❤ xtina