proudest quilting moment thus far!

after a sucky day, i have something awesome to share! it all started, when i was reading my daily dose of quilting blogs here on wordpress some time ago, and ran across this blog. (a thousand quilted cranes) i remember when i was in fourth grade, and the oklahoma city bombing happened. our teacher read us the story of sadako and the thousand paper cranes. the japanese legend says that anyone who creates a thousand paper cranes, is granted a cure or a wish. our class (with prompting from our teacher of course) decided that we would make 1,000 of these origami cranes, and send them to a school in oklahoma city that was affected by the bombing. some of the cooler parents donated special papers. whenever we had extra time (which i always did because i was stoked about this project) we could fold. we could also make some at home and bring them in too. that is one of my favorite memories/projects from my elementary school years. anywho…seeing all ofย  the beautiful fabric combinations she has chosen to make her cranes was such inspiration. you know i am a cheapskate, so i quickly scoured the web for a free pattern. which i found here if you would like to have it for yourself as well. my first attempt was a fail. although i am slowly improving at paper piecing, i have only done super easy blocks, that were one whole square, and did not have any overlapping. this pattern…a different ball game. but being the instant gratification type of person i am, i had to make this RIGHT now. i googled paper piecing tutorials yet again, and came across this amazing one. it has saved my sanity in ways you will never know! lol. long story short, here is my first completed crane:


isn’t she lovely? isn’t she beautiful?! ok, boasting complete. my lighting and camera stink, but this is a really pretty melon linen, surrounded by equally gorgeous cherry blossoms. i put it on a piece of brown scrapbook paper, so that is just the background, not a border. i cannot wait to make more of these cuties! perhaps i will send one as a gift to the woman who inspired me ๐Ÿ™‚

today, i ran all of those errands i was talking about yesterday…i must admit, retail therapy obviously lifted my spirits and did me some good. i’ve been meaning to get these “special flat head quilting pins,” so i finally did, and now i see what all the hype is about. love them! (hey, it’s the small things in life right?)


fat quarters were on “sale” at joann’s, if you call $1.20 each a sale. i had to limit myself, but i think i got some pretty good ones. they are cheap enough to experiment with, without me having a fit if i mess up and have to waste them.


and even though i’ve been on a quilting spree, i can’t forget my love for paper. i had a $10 off coupon, and also a 40% off coupon at archiver’s (the scrapbook store), so i got a new stamp for journaling (although the lines are pretty close together)…


and also my first kit for project life. (actually something from my to do list, lol) it has something amazing like 680 cards included, so i can’t wait to play around with them. i just ordered some prints of pictures the other day too, so hopefully i can get started on my scrapbook.


i don’t know why i’ve been coveting this hat, but i finally purchased it. i have a ton of hats, but i usually only wear them when my hair’s a mess. (which should be every day haha) my hair’s finally getting long again though, and it’s summer, so i predict i will actually be getting some use out of this one ๐Ÿ™‚


i also got a very cute dress from h&m but i couldn’t get a very cute pic of it. i will have to post one when i wear it. the one i really wanted was just a smidge too tight, and they didn’t have the next bigger size. i have lost some weight due to the paleo diet, and no soda, but can still shed some more pounds.

and last, but definitely not least, i finally purchased my fossil purse. i have been wanting a classic brown one for a long time. i have a lot of bags and purses, but most of them are just playful colors, patterns, etc. i wanted something nice, neutral, and quality. since our 2 year anniversary is coming up at the end of this month, brian gave me a certain amount to go purse shopping with…of course i went over and had to pay the remainder, but that’s ok ๐Ÿ˜‰ the one i wanted was a model from about 2 years ago, so the super nice salesman searched their database and called a store in upstate new york, and also one in lousiana. apparently i literally got the last one in the whole nation lol. however, i am already wondering if i should exchange it for another. help me decide! here is the one i ordered:

fossil 1

here are the other choices i like:




i feel like the one i ordered is too briefcase like, and the last two are too saddlebag/mailwoman like. so really i should’ve gotten the 2nd one. ugh. at this point i shouldn’t be stressing over a purse (first world problems right?!) i guess i will just see if i like it when it comes, and if not i will deal with the problem then. i do want to know your opinions though!

tomorrow night we are getting vietnamese food with our friends, and then renting oz the great and powerful.

after work on thursday, we are headed to ohio to camp with some of our other friends. supposedly the grounds have a pool, an arcade, some bars, corn hole, etc. i’m excited to have a 3 day weekend and hopefully just get to relax and have fun before it’s back to reality. i’m also excited about eating at quaker steak n lube lol

alright, enough excitement for one day. perhaps a level of candy crush, a chapter in the book i’m reading, and then off to bed.

โค xtina