all in a day’s work…

hello world! i’ve probably been running on fumes for about a week now. last tuesday i think we stayed up late watching a movie or something. last wednesday we stayed up super late (like 3 am) packing for our trip, even though i had to wake up at 6 for work on the 4th of july. right after that we headed straight to ohio (4 1/2 hour drive) for our camping trip. it was nonstop drinking and mingling the whole weekend. home late sunday evening to do 3 loads of laundry and right back to work bright and early on monday. i had today off but had a doctor appointment at 8:30 on the other side of town, and then an advising appointment at iupui on yet the other side of town. eek! i finally got to relax for an amazing sushi lunch, and then home to quilt the rest of my day away.

although i was not perky or ready for my day “off,” i had to put some pep in my step and trudge on…


before i get into the craft antics, i wanted to touch base on my two appointments…

the first thing my doctor said to me this morning was, “did you lose weight?” heck yes! well i actually didn’t know if i had or not, but for those of you who don’t know, i have been testing out the “paleo diet.” you can read about my journey on my personal blog here. i told her i had been eating way healthier…she took a look back in my chart and said i had lost 8 pounds since the last time i was there in january. although most of that was probably lost in the last month or two, because that’s when i was actively eating better/doing paleo. so even though i had to get up early to see her, that news made it worthwhile 🙂

however, my second appointment was not as rewarding. for those of you who don’t know, my degree is in early childhood education. however, since graduating in 2007, i have not been able to find a teaching job. i was an assistant teacher for 4 years, but the pay, benefits, etc. were horrible, and every time a position opened, someone with more experience was always chosen. i interviewed every summer for lead positions at every district within 2 hours of home, but had no luck. last summer, after interviewing 5 times with one school and still not getting it, i got so discouraged i just needed to take a break. i have been working at the hospital full time, looking into different masters programs. when i met with the adviser today, i wanted to ask her about either adding an art concentration to my teaching degree, or look into art therapy. long story short, both degrees are 4 full time years worth of courses, so now it’s back to the drawing board 😦

anyway, onto the good stuff, i’m sure you’re ready for it!

the deadline for my block swap is quickly approaching and i am behind. the last two color schemes are rainbow, which aren’t very inspirational to me, so i have been putting them off. however, i was pleasantly surprised, because so far this has been my favorite one! a little smaller than the desired size, but not too much that i think it will cause any problems.


i also finally fixed the final quadrant of this block and finished it up. this is a close second favorite. i have one more to make. i will post them all once i’m finished. they have to be mailed out no later than monday.


then, just to break up the monotony and do something fun for myself, i made another crane. i love it!! i can’t wait to make more. i have so many pattern/color combos in my head just waiting to burst out. i think the quilt i make for myself will be made up of these little guys 😀


one downfall of working at the hospital is that we have to work every other weekend. i just got the invite to my sorority sister’s baby shower, and of course it falls on a saturday that i work. ugh! now i have to try to pull some strings/organize a trade hopefully so i can attend. but i now know that i have less than a month to get baby samuel’s quilt made. ahhhh! so i made another block…


and attached it to some of the others…


i have 4 blocks made total so far, so i still need 11. if i do one a day, i can have the top made in less than 2 weeks…then all i have to do is put it together. easier said than done huh? i can’t wait to see the diamonds come together in the middle.

that was enough work for one day!

brian is out of town for work. it stinks, because we have been on a rotating traveling schedule. first, he was out of town with his family. then literally the day after he got home i was out of town with my family. now he is out of town for work, and when he gets back i have to go house/pet/babysit my siblings while my parents are out of town. yikes. not gonna lie, i have kept myself pretty busy while he’s been gone. i think it’s easier when you are the one at home, versus when you are the one out of town. monday, i just relaxed, watched a little “so you think you can dance,” and made a dinner he would not have enjoyed (salmon, cous cous, and cucumbers). yesterday, i went to a torturous work out class and then dinner with some friends. tomorrow i am either painting pottery or working out again with friends, then just hanging out and watching movies, and having a sleepover at my coworker’s place. it’s embarrassing just how excited i am to just veg and laugh all night. it’s always the little things for me 🙂 finally, brian will be home friday, but i will have to finish my last block for the swap, and then work saturday morning. ugh. i’m tired just thinking about it. lol

thanks for stopping by, i feel that this was a pretty productive day!

❤ xtina

PS:  i forgot to add that i got some new fabric, yet again, but didn’t take any pictures yet. i also found a barnes and noble gift card from christmas, and was finally able to order my tula pink city sampler (100 modern blocks) book, so i can start yet another project lol. stay tuned!