last, but certainly not least

so excited that i get to write up a COMPLETED PROJECT! yay!

in case you’ve forgotten, which is likely since i’ve been plugging away at this sloooowly, let me remind you that i am participating in my first ever quilting bee on flickr. (here is the link if you care to view)

this is due to be mailed out monday. i made 6 of the same (paper pieced) block, for the other 6 members of my group, using the color schemes they chose for themselves.

i finished my final block today. and although i was dreading the rainbow combos, they actually turned out to be my favorite of the bunch.

i even displayed it with washi tape as i’ve seen so many people doing…however, i used the camera on my ipod as usual, and it doesn’t look that pretty, lol.

anywho, this cutie is for sheffiek


i’ve posted all of these before in previous posts, but since i forgot to take a picture of them all together 😦 i figured i could at least line them up again. this blue and green combo is for miss riain


for jeifner, the host of our group and a very helpful lady!


for emilylaurel


for marjorie l


and finally, for franswimmer


which is your favorite?


here they are all packaged and ready to go. exciting! oh, here is my flickr link by the way:  inkadinkado

here was my original inspiration…it still looks so much better than mine. lol. and here is the link so you can print the pattern yourself if you wanna give it a go.


i will post pictures as i start receiving my blocks from the other gals. i can’t wait!

now i’ve really got to crack down on the baby blanket for samuel, and the christmas in july project i signed up for…and haven’t started yet. eek! less than a month to complete both…time’s a ticking!

❤ xtina

ps, i get to cross something else off  “the list.” i feel like tony the tiger…”greeeeaaaat! lol