secrets, secrets…

are no fun, unless you share with everyone!

i feel so lame because i don’t have much to report.

i have been busy, but i’ve been working on a project for a blog hop, and i can’t share all my hard work until my assigned day, which is august 9th by the way, so you have to promise to come back and check it out!

it was going so well, until the binding. binding is not my forte, so now i have about 95% done, and am stuck on one corner, and upset and not knowing what to do. ugh! i hate that! i would really hate to have to take it all off and start over. any helpful hints or suggestions?

i’ve also slowly but surely been working on the baby quilt for my friend’s shower. it’s on august 3rd, so i need to light a fire under my butt. today i got some more fabric for it, because the tutorial’s amount of background was not enough…i also wanted to get the fabric for the back, so once i finally get that far i will be ready and won’t have to take another trip to the store. i am loving the way it’s coming together. i was also able to get all the cutting done tonight, so now i just have to plug and chug away.

when i was at the craft store, there was also a bunch of smash (scrapbooking) stuff on clearance, so of course i had to get it! after this quilt is complete, i may need to take a break and head back to paper crafts for a bit. i am missing my stamps more than i expected. and hopefully after our trip over labor day i will have lots of new pics to play with too!

the only other exciting news i have to share is that i finally made it to my first quilt guild meeting. it was fun! we had show and tell, a charm pack swap, worked on projects, and did some shopping. it was held at this amazing fabric store that i love, so of course i bought a half yard of a fabric i had been coveting. i also got a few of their “scrap bundles” which were awesome once i got them home and dove into them. one of the girls was wearing this super cute skirt that she made. it was reversible and had a fold down knit band around the top…kind of like on yoga pants. omg i want one soooo bad! she said it was really easy to make. the girls want to all make one and wear them to the next meeting, which is at the state fair. i’m trying to convince her to give me a lesson, and maybe even help me with the wilksten tank pattern i have too.  🙂 at one point this group of really annoying customers came into the store and just stared at us as if we had horns sticking out of our heads. then one of them proceeded to say, “oh, i think these people are called stitchin bitches.” smh. false. haha. oh well.

alright, well sorry this was so uneventful. within the next few weeks i will have two awesome projects to write about, so don’t give up on me yet ;P

❤ xtina