quick intermission…

so, i have taken a hiatus from paper crafts, to tinker with fabric. although it still has its challenges, i am still enjoying it, and going strong. however, after about 14 hours of sewing today…and just lots of quilting projects lately in general, i was really in the mood to scrapbook. which is funny, because i don’t usually scrapbook either. however, i do have a stack of adorable instagram pictures (3×3) all printed and ready to use, so i think that was my main motivation.

you know you have been away too long, when your pretty much brand new gel pens act like this:20130728-020709.jpg

ugh! guess i will be needing to purchase some new ones yet again tomorrow when i head to joann’s.

i had to scour flickr, pinterest, two peas, and studio calico for way too long, before finally finding an inspiring layout. i settled on this:


sorry it’s so blurry, that’s as big as it would get.

anywho…even though i already have a 12×12 scrapbook started, and i just bought a whole bunch of fun smash journal stuff on clearance…i decided instead to start my 8×8 album. you know me, i may already have 100 projects in progress, but i have no reservations when it comes to adding another to the pile.

my inspiration was this darling picture of the boy in a pumpkin patch. the pumpkin patch is literally next door to my father’s house. they are also a farmer’s market and sell other seasonal fruits and veggies throughout the year. my dad passed away almost 6 years ago, but i still visit my stepmother. on this particular day i asked brian to stop by and look at the pumpkins with me before heading home. it brings back good memories from when i was little. i don’t think we even ended up buying any, lol…but of course i had to snap this shot of my cutie.

i did quite a few things differently than the lay out, but i think the main “feel” stayed the same.

since my page was smaller than the example, i didn’t want to break it up with 2 background colors and a dividing stripe as they did. i also didn’t like the feel of the 2 random strips of color at the bottom either. i wanted to create an “autumnish” feel, so i just started with a kraft paper/neutral background.

next, i wanted to keep the focus on the pumpkins, but i didn’t want to over do orange. i picked an orange chevron to frame the photo, and used it again for the tab at the top. after that, i picked a green and wood grain brown to finish the rest of the main image. i cut two pumpkins out of a piece of halloween scrapbook paper for border pops behind the picture and at the bottom of the page. at first, i had cut out big letters that spelled out “my pumpkin” to use along the bottom, as they did with the word love…but it was distracting, so i decided to just write “my pumpkin” in script several times to create a border. the date at the top was easy…a piece of green washi tape and some stamps. underneath that it says “homegrown.” the caption on the picture has brian’s initials on it. i originally wanted to use this funky quote…but i liked this bible verse better about walking humbly with God, because doesn’t it seem as if that’s what he’s doing in the pic? 🙂 brian makes fun of me because i love polka dots and i always use them (wait until i get my pottery back and post a picture of that, you will see what i mean.) but they are so easy and versatile and i love the way they look! i used them to make a simple background. i threw in some stars, the word “cute” on the tab, and a (polka dotted) arrow with “micah 6:8” before the verse. finally, i added some simple lines around everything to give them definition. i always get accused of doing way too much on my scrapbook pages, and never knowing when to stop…so this time, even though it seems entirely too bare and simple to me, i stopped. what do you think?



close up so you can see some details…


today i was able to finish assembling the whole quilt top of the baby blanket, and even basted and quilted half of it. i got a few other things made too, but i’m saving those for later. the shower is next saturday, so i have less than a week to complete it! i want to say i will work on it tomorrow, but it’s our anniversary and we have a nice dinner planned and some errands, and also i want to try to get a hair cut and give myself a pedicure, so we shall see.

thanks for stopping by

❤ xtina