greek cross for baby sam

so, although this project was not on “the list,” i am still proud to say that i completed it, lol.

when i was pledging gamma phi omega international sorority inc. as a junior at indiana university, i picked a pledge mom. she was someone i bonded with right away, we could stay up to all hours when we were supposed to be doing homework. we would start out crying and end up laughing. but then, as i started to hang out with the other sisters and got to know them more, i also got really close with a second lady.  i decided to name her my “adopted” pledge mom, and following suit she calls me her adopted pledge daughter. since then, we have lovingly called each other “adopted.”

here’s a picture of us from…ahem cough cough…just a few years ago, lol (me on the right of course)


and my adopted is having a baby boy, who she will name samuel! i had the pleasure of attending her shower this weekend. all of my sorority sisters know that i am very crafty and domestic, so miryam shared the colors she has chosen for the nursery right away. this gave me enough time to pick fabrics and piece together this adorable greek cross quilt. the furniture in samuel’s room is dark brown, so i threw some of that in there as well. i know it looks black, but that’s because i used my ipod camera instead of a real one.

here is the whole thing laid out…


i used simple dark brown lines, about an inch or so apart



i also got to try out a new technique for binding, which turned out to be a blessing, because it is not my forte. i suck at it! this way helped me make perfect corners, however the binding ends up being the same color as the back of the quilt, because you use one large piece for it. i like when the binding is a different color, but i also stink at mitering the corners…so for this project, i chose quality over aesthetics. i used a dark brown straight stitch, then a dark brown zig zag, and threw an orange straight stitch in between. i figured that would not only reinforce the binding, but would add a pop of color as well 🙂 two birds, meet one stone, haha



here you can see the quilted lines on both front and back, and see how i used light blue on the front, and saved the darker teal for the back and binding


here’s another picture of it laid out on our dark brown couch. i couldn’t get enough evidence that i’ve in fact finished another project…a quilt none the less, lol.


and finally, here i am proudly holding it up! this quilt has a lot of character, and by that i mean flaws lol. i accidentally placed one of the squares in the wrong direction, so it made the colors of the corresponding diamonds wrong. also, a few of the diamonds didn’t line up nicely. other than that, i think i did a pretty decent job. keep in mind i’ve only made one other quilt before this, so you can’t be too hard on me lol. i think mini quilts and baby quilts are just my size, and i probably shouldn’t go any bigger. i also think i should’ve added another row, so it would be 4 x 5, but i did it as the tutorial instructed. i guess it’s big enough for tummy time, or diaper changes, but i think it’s kind of an awkward size…maybe too skinny. what do you think?


can’t you just imagine it thrown over a rocking chair in the nursery? awwww! i’m very happy with it 🙂


the best part was when the hostess said that my quilt was the gift of the day…of course that made me feel great. and my friend said it matched the nursery perfectly, and it is for sure going in the crib. i’ll have to ask what her husband thinks of it.

now, deciding what project to move onto next? maybe take a breather. i have 6 days off coming up pretty soon. i can either really relax, or really get some crafting done. hmmmm, decisions decisions. lol

thanks for stopping by, i know i haven’t been too exciting lately

❤ xtina