first mug rug!

one of closest friends, cheryl, just so happens to be one of my coworkers as well. and she just so happens to have a birthday tomorrow! aren’t we precious?


i knew for part of her gift, i had to make something…as she is such a good sport who endures me pouring over flickr and pinterest all the time, and giving countless opinions and compliments on my works in progress.

however, since i was putting in so much time on the baby blanket, i had to make something quick and easy. i’ve been wanting to make a mug rug since forever, and since cheryl and i have become avid coffee and tea drinkers at work, i figured this would be something cute that i could spruce up with other little gifts.

her favorite colors are green, coral, and navy. (in fact, she plans to use these colors for her wedding, which i have the honor of helping plan. go me! 🙂 lol)

anywho i used those colors, as a starting point. i was lucky enough to have this paper piecing pattern from another blogger who was gracious enough to share. i’ve purchased another awesome geometric shaped pattern from etsy, but it is way hard and i haven’t been able to tackle it yet. hopefully soon! unfortunately, there wasn’t much room to use navy. i wanted to keep it simple (aka have less room for error.) as i get better, i would love to start incorporating pockets, corner flaps, loops for hanging, etc. but for now, this will have to do.

at first, i planned to have the “diamond” go from light to dark green, but my ipod flips (inverts?) pictures, giving me a different perspective…and now i think i like dark to light better. i also think if i make this again, i may mix the  bottom pieces, instead of lining them up. i don’t know. that’s a problem for another day



here is a picture of the mug rug in use. i also got her this super cute ceramic cup, some chocolate that she likes, and a gift card to starbucks so she can buy mocha light frappuccinos. not pictured, i also got her some winter savory herb seeds for her garden (hopefully she will share because they sound delish!) and a cool bar of soap from whole foods that smells amazing. i think there was something else but i can’t remember.


here i’ve attached a little tag that explains what  a mug rug is supposed to be used for, in case she doesn’t know. and in case you are wondering as well, it says “a ‘mug rug’ is a special place to put your tea and crumpets.” 🙂


all wrapped up in one neat little package! my corners are getting better too, so that’s always good.


alright friends…a little relaxation before i hit the hay. i already have my next project picked out, and luckily, it is on the to do list, and not just an impromptu project lol. i also traded someone days at work, so now i will have SEVEN days off in a row! i need to work on finishing my current book, because i’m beyond ready to start a new one and work on my goal. hopefully i will have nice weather at least one of those days so i can lounge by the pool…i would LOVE that!

❤ xtina