clean diggs…for now

over on my personal blog i’ve explained the reason behind the sudden reorganization/cleanse if you want to know…

i feel as if i spend more time cleaning my craft room than actually crafting in it! the boy came in to ask me something today and was like, “wow! i can actually walk in here. and all the way back to you, too.” lol. geez i’m not that bad. what is it that einstein once said? “if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” obviously it feels way better when everything is in its proper place, however, it only stays that way until the first time i sit down to work on a project lol.

anywho, i got some new cubbies and colorful totes to try to help me situate things. didn’t help 100% but it’s getting there. i can’t wait until i have a bigger house with a room that was actually designed as a workspace with lots of storage and room to work.


i just have one of those cheap long tables from target in the craft room. one half is set aside for my crictut and paper crafts (you can already see the next piece i have in mind)


and the other side is for the sewing machine and fabric crafts…


now, i wanna talk about something amazing that happened to me this weekend. thanks to the ho ho ho blog hop…i felt like a “REAL” blogger. on my scheduled day, august 9th…i received over 500 views of my blog. now, i do have two blogs…a personal one, which i’ve had for a little over a year but didn’t do much with until just recently, and also my craft blog (this one) which i just started not too long ago, but have tried to be pretty consistent with. that being said, my craft blog has just over 1,100 views total…therefore, half of those views i owe to the blog hop. i’ve also received about 80 comments on that post/project alone. that is clearly wayyyy more than i’m used too. everyone was so nice and encouraging and had such wonderful things to say and such great advice. i was totally smiling from ear to ear. some days i wonder why i even blog. it feels as if i am just talking to myself, documenting for my own benefit and not feeling like i’m really reaching anyone. but that day, i actually got to see what amazing crafting and blogging communities/resources we have out there. i will definitely be joining other hops in the future (hopefully) and i’m always up for trades so don’t hesitate to contact me.

i also think it’s really cool how wordpress breaks down the views by where they come from. of course i’m used to most of the views being from america. every once in a while i’ll have a germany or canada. also, my boyfriend’s, brother’s girlfriend (confused yet? lol) lives in argentina, so whenever i see just one view from there, i know it’s her 🙂 this is what the map looked like on friday:


so cool how people literally all over the world are reading what little ol me has to say.

and now, as a small token of thanks, i created a little charm pack with some of the green fabrics i used for my trees, the browns i used for the stumps, and also a strip of the white background. my lucky winner is Delaine, who is a new follower of mine. i did use to help me be fair and pick a winner based on chance alone…however, the advice she offered me is something that i really want to learn how to do. here is what she had to say:

Delaine says:

I just became a follower. My best advice on binding a quilt with mitered corners is – don’t. I can’t do it neatly (and I have tried many, many times). Now I put binding on the long sides of the quilt first, then the short sides and tuck the corners in so that they are square. Hand stitch the corners with a couple of stitches and you have a prefectly square corner.

My favorite green thing is green jelly beans (mint)

stay tuned because that may just be one of my next tutorials 🙂


think i may do a little paper crafting tonight

❤ xtina