double the fun!

today i am excited to have not one, but two projects to share…one paper craft, and one fabric craft…i have a new “toy” per say, and a new pattern so that means LOTS of motivation!

sunday night, while brian was busy playing video games, i was busy in the craft room.

first, i armed myself with the right ammunition…coke and cookie dough! (don’t just me, lol)


then, i gathered my supplies…acrylic paints…i don’t think i have enough, haha. actually i do need some new ones because a lot where either almost empty, or starting to dry up. apple barrel are my faves (in case you couldn’t tell, lol)


i also needed my brayer, tons of stencils, and my new supply:


my gelli plate! it’s a “plate” that feels like silicone or gelatin, that can be used for really easy and fun printmaking. i experimented for a long time and had a blast doing it. there is an online class i want to take that costs $25…i don’t know why i’m being cheap…probably because i’ve spent a lot of money on this staycation, and need to stop because i actually have a REAL vacation coming up very soon, lol. i made several prints, but was most pleased with these:


i need to get larger stencils that’s for sure, or cut my pages down to the size of the stencils i already have. if i was able to come up with all of this on my own, i can only imagine how much more i could learn from the class. i know i will break down and purchase it sooner or later, or perhaps as for it for my birthday ;P

then lately, although i don’t really consider myself a “girly girl,” i have really been into flowers. i have two gorgeous rose of sharon bushes on either side of my garage that have finally started to bloom…


and also these big, beautiful holly hocks all around the house


thanks to my new flickr friend danielle, i found an outlet for my floral frenzy…the “zakka swedish bloom.” you can also visit her blog here.

here is my first of 9 blocks. although the center of my flower isn’t exactly perfect, i am still in love!


i’m also very happy with the vintagey fabrics i was able to find. look how lovely they are! soooo cute! 😀


here are some new greens i got for the leaves, although i’m not sure if they are cohesive with the first fabrics i used. what do you think?


here are the two fabrics i have ready for my next flower…same vintage feel. love it!


i originally wanted to go the pink and purple flowery, girly route…but i guess these fabrics/patterns spoke louder to me. oh well.  also, although the directions say to use white as the background color (as i’ve done), my friend danielle used grey, and i like the look of it. i’m not quite certain what i will do for the rest of the blocks. the finished quilt is a 3 x 3 grid…so perhaps i could do a white and grey checkerboard effect?

open for suggestions!

i’m so happy with both of these works in progress and can’t wait to keep at em.

❤ xtina