sorry i have been mia for a few weeks….after my “staycation” i haven’t had much time for crafting. my little sister turned 18 and got her wisdom teeth removed. she has been having a difficult time with the antibiotics and pain meds, so i’ve been helping my mom take care of her. my little brother turned 20 and headed back to cincinnati for his sophomore year of college. and the boyfriend and i have been busy trying to get things ready for our real vacation coming up next week.

two weeks ago, i had a “play date” with one of the girls i met at the quilting guild meeting. her name is meghan and she is a lot of fun. you can check out her blog and her amazingness here.  the main “goal” for our get together was for meghan to teach me how to make a very cool reversible skirt, with a stretch knit band at the top, that she learned from this imagine gnats’ tutorial. of course mine looks pretty home made, lol but i am still pleased with it for a first attempt at apparel making. i will write up another post about it after vacation where i plan to wear it and test it out a bit 🙂 after that, meghan showed me some of the gorgeous quilts she has made. she also taught me so much good sewing info that i have been missing out on for too long. we decided that for our next session we will either work on the wiksten tank or the giggle and squeak applique baby quilt. (i have never done applique) but then again i had never done clothing either. she is currently on vacation, and then i will be going on vacation…so i can’t wait til we are both back in town and can get to crafting together again. both of our boyfriends love playing video games, so i think we are going to try to set up a play date for them as well. lol

one of the things meghan taught me, was to always wash, iron, and “square up” my fabric before beginning to use it. something about crossgrains…i swear i’m a good student lol! so today, i washed a bunch of fabric, and did just that. let me tell you it is a long and boring process. first of all, i hate ironing. second of all, i have a tiny ironing board and cut my fabric on a small mat on the floor; therefore, working with anything bigger than half a yard proved troublesome, lol. finally, sometimes doing this makes even a “fat quarter” whittle down to what seems like a skinny eighth. lol ok i’m being corny, but you know what i mean. there is a lot of fabric lost in this process. here are some of my crinkly beauties getting ready for the squaring process:


i’ve been looking for a simple yet strong pattern to make MYSELF a quilt. i came across this one on pinterest, and knew it was the one. i even recruited a guy at work to help me figure out the math so i wouldn’t have to purchase the pattern. yes i’m cheap like that. and also currently pretty poor…due to completely replacing my heating/cooling indoor and outdoor units. and also because of my recent fabric obsession. another thing meghan told me is that the cheap broad cloth fabrics i’ve been using from joann’s fabrics are a poly-cotton blend. remember when i was having such difficulties when i first starting quilting? THIS is why! the next time i went to buy more fabric i checked it out and sure enough, it is 65% polyester, and only 35% cotton! i felt duped! no wonder nothing ever measured up for me. i have since purchased only 100% cotton, and haven’t had a single snafu. now what to do with all the leftovers? i’m not a fabric snob by any means, but the more i sew, the more i realize that quality fabric, string, etc. really do make a difference, and unfortunately for my bank account, they are worth the extra investment.


i have been hoarding this adorable pie chart fabric for such occasion. i already had some of the coordinating fabrics, but did need to purchase a few more. and after starting on it today, i will need to buy more for sure. it is taking a lot more than i thought. i don’t want to include red, because you all know how i feel about that color, but i do want to get some yellow and a light blue.


here is my first block. i am IN LOVE already! i am regretting using the same pink/same purple for the plain square and square with more of a design, but i will probably keep this one as is and just switch it up in the future. i think i will make all of the blocks different, but keep the “pie chart” fabric the same in each.


in the spur of the moment, i also decided to make a pillowcase. home ec was not offered at my high school, because i’m sure i would have loved it, and aced it. lol. i figure a pillowcase would have been one of the first sewing projects. i don’t know why i’ve never thought of making a pillowcase before. what an easy, quick, and fun project right? i have a problem with the remnant section at fabric stores. perhaps i am a pack rat. perhaps i can’t pass up a good deal. who knows. the other day i saw this ninja fabric in the remnant bin and thought i could surely find some good use for it. well, today i did. i found this wonderful tutorial. honestly perfect. it was so quick and easy and i don’t know why but i am just thrilled with my new pillowcase! oh yeah, of course it’s for me. i’m not sharing this baby! lol. the best part is, it’s flannel. can’t wait to lay on this softie tonight 🙂


here’s a close up of these cute little guys…


hard to tell i know, but the trim is light blue with dark blue polka dots, and the cuff is black with grey “bubble” like circles


i don’t know why, but i have a really hard time with lining up seams. kinda caused a problem, but oh well. it isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect for me. can’t wait to make more! i even learned how to make a french seam! i was worried that my case would be too small, because i have an abnormally fat pillow, but to my surprise (with a little pushing and prodding) i was able to make it fit.


forgot to show you the other day i got a new scrap bucket. a bigger scrap bucket. that means i am buying too much fabric and quilting too much lol. is that even possible?


i am also working on a few mug rugs, but i will have to tell you more about those later too.

i have been so tired with work, and hardly enough time for play. today i slept in until 11 (mind you we didn’t get home until 1:30 from a cincinnati reds baseball game) and pretty much did chores and sewed all day. can’t believe it’s 9:30 already. but i am happy to have a few projects to work on that i am actually excited about! 🙂

sorry for slacking on blogging, i will try not to let it happen again! thanks for sticking with me

❤ xtina