fall mug rug swap…

so i guess flickr made a bunch of changes and made a bunch of people mad, and now there is a new very similar site called ipernity. i happened to see an invitation to a fall mug rug swap and headed over to check it out. i love creating things, anything! but i usually need a little inspiration and motivation, and i like small projects that i can get done in a short amount of time (aka, before i lose interest, lol). i guess that’s why mail art was so rewarding for me when i was still big into paper crafts. anywho, i quickly signed up and was assigned a partner. my partner’s wishes for her mug rug were a little eccentric and a little outside of the the “fall” theme, but that was more than ok with me! here is her mosaic that i was supposed to use as a starting point:


my partner did not want the normal fall colors, she wanted “aqua, aqua, and more aqua!”

i didn’t really know where to start. at first i wanted to do something with owls or squirrels, but couldn’t find any fabric i liked that looked like the one she was wanting. also, a lot of the fabric i liked had large prints, and knowing how small a finished mug rug should be, i thought that would be hard to work with, while still retaining the whole image. therefore, i switched gears and went with the skull approach. when i was still paper crafting, i made these awesome sugar skull “chunky book pages” for a swap, and wanted to do a cool paper piecing pattern like it, but couldn’t find any, and am not good enough to make my own yet.


so, i had to let the fabric do most of the work for me. i decided on this one:


it’s fun and whimsical, and very colorful, so that was a solid foundation i thought.

i initially wanted to do a log cabin block in the center, with flying geese on both sides, (because she had log cabin blocks in her inspiration mosaic) however, i just didn’t like the way it turned out. i wanted the strips to be skinnier, but had to start with a large center square to get the whole skull to fit.


then, i saw a cool block on flickr that i thought i would replicate, but mine turned out more rectangular and boxy, vs square and cool. lol


finally, i stopped trying to look for ideas, and decided to create my own. i tried to come up with a way to use a lot of aqua, but not have it be overpowering, and also to show case the different skulls. a checkerboard came to mind…but that would be too plain and boring. i started pairing up colors from the pattern with the aqua for little 9 patches, and am really happy with how it turned out! now for the back, i wanted something simple, yet effective. i have been reading up about reverse applique a lot, and wanted to try my hand at it. those skulls are really small and detailed though, so i took a general approach, and did a fun large circle so the skull could “peek out.” i also used a simple aqua fabric with small polka dots to try to tie it all together.


now when it came time to the actual quilting, i didn’t want to stitch through my little man on the back, but i didn’t want the back to be void of stitching at all. i ended up sewing boxes around the skulls, and crosses through the grids. i think it looks pretty cute, but i am a little bias πŸ™‚ i also didn’t know what to do for the binding. i was going to do a hodge podge of all the fabrics used thus far, but didn’t really have big enough scraps left. i tried to stay away from yellows and oranges, since she didn’t want fall colors, and opted for this bright strawberry color instead. hope she likes it!



now remember, i do suck big time at binding, and will kindly let her know in the card that she should feel free to rebind it if she chooses 😦 i need practice! ugh.

i was also planning on giving her whatever fabric was leftover in case she could make something with it…but since i had to restart so many times…this is all that was left


boo. i will, however, give her the other two blocks i started and did not complete.

and here are my inspiration mosaic and the mug rug i received from my partner.



i love it! ADORABLE! so happy πŸ™‚

now we are headed off to our trip, so bear with me while i’m gone. i am going to try to see a lot of artsy things and stop at a fabric shop or two, so i will tell you about all of my adventures when i return πŸ™‚

❀ xtina