fun finds in derby city

we just got home from our first vacation alone together. we managed to relax a lot, but got a lot accomplished too. i have a very giving boyfriend, and he allowed me to choose the majority of our activities…which resulted in a lot of arts and crafts stuff…duh! lol 😉

first and foremost, there were these really cool flags hanging in the parking garage of our hotel. i was obsessed with them and could’ve taken a different picture every day. i don’t know why i liked them so much. i think it’s because their pastel colors and simple geometric patterns reminded me of the quilt i just started…





i’m weird, i know

we went to the louisville arts and crafts museum. it wasn’t very big/there weren’t very many exhibits, but it was still fun. in the gift shop were these amazing pieces…i think they were a mix of wood burning, collage, metal art, etc. i wanted one but they were pretty pricey for what they are. i decided i could try to come up with the same effect with stencils on my gelli plate.


there was another series with houses too, but i liked the trees, clouds, and stars the best.

one of the exhibits showcased these amazing art quilts by denise burge



soooo many wonderful things i could say about these quilts. i love them!

speaking of quilts, i was able to visit three local fabric shops, although one of them was closed and i was pretty disappointed. the first one was huge and had a large selection, but fat quarters were almost $4 and i was not willing to pay that much. there was a bundle i liked, but it was about $60, and it wasn’t something that i couldn’t find at home or online, so i decided not to get anything there. they also had these really cool nature scenes i wanted to make for my dad, but they are applique and i haven’t done very much of that, so i think i am going to try the forest quilt along for him.

the second store i went to was more up my alley. they had a room with a couch and flat screen tv, where brian quickly made himself at home watching football. the prices were more reasonable, i liked the way the store was set up, and i could’ve purchased a lot, but i controlled myself 🙂

i got these two cuties for a mug rug i plan to make for a friend. she has been liking coral and teal lately, and i figured i could do something fun with these shapes


hopefully there’s enough leftover to make myself a block too for a future scrappy quilt!

i also got this adorable fabric to do who knows what with it…i want to start selling some stuff, but that would require finishing some stuff first huh? i think i can make something really girly with this that someone, somewhere will want 🙂


another day we went to visit this place called pottery rowe. it’s an artist’s studio/store. i had high hopes for it, because there were such cool things on his website, and was hoping to get a pretty cross for brian’s mom, and possibly some sort of dish for us as well…however, once we got there it wasn’t what i thought it would be. there was a cool garlic container i liked, but it was almost $40 and i didn’t think it was worth that. the area looked pretty artsy though, so we decided to check out a few more places before leaving, and i’m so glad we did.

we ran across this little gem of a store, called the finishing touch. it’s a whole store dedicated to cross stitch. blew me away! so, sometimes i can’t decide if i am a 90 year old trapped inside a 20 something’s body, or a 5 year old. because i love “old lady hobbies” like quilting, cross stitch, crochet etc…yet i still love “little kiddy things” like animated movies and cupcake things and all things cute. either way, i love cross stitch. i haven’t done it in quite a while, and wow things have changed. as you may remember, i subscribed to the frosted pumpkin’s woodland sampler, that i haven’t gotten very far on yet, even though the year is almost over and people are almost done with it 😦 this month is particularly cute so i really need to get on the ball!


back to the story…cross stitch isn’t just about teddy bears, floral arrangements or alphabets anymore. i wanted EVERYTHING in that store. however, since i already have one cross stitch project started, and about a million quilt projects started, i limited myself to just one.  the pattern itself was only $12, so that’s not too bad right? that’s where they get ya! the flosses i needed were only $0.45 each, and i only needed like 7, so also not bad. here’s where it gets hairy…for one particular part of the pattern (which i will show you in a minute, and it is the whale) i needed some special silk floss that was like $8! what the heck! and finally, the linen on which i would be cross stitching was $0.08 a square inch, which doesn’t sound like a lot…until you figure that you need at least 16 x 20 inches. EEK! so what you think sounds like a cheap project starting at only $12, ends up about 5 times that much! :/ good thing i stopped at one project huh? and i’ve never worked with linen, so we shall see how this goes. ok, i’ve kept you in suspense long enough…here is my new project that i am dying to start:


sorry for the glare, it’s still in the bag. there was also this cool christmas pattern i wanted, and it was pretty cheap for the pattern, but brian is smart and quickly realized that the base price only included the BORDERS and you had to pay for each individual pattern to fill in the boxes. say what?! anywho, i will definitely be framing and hanging this one once it’s done.

and the last craft related thing i purchased was a book. you know how i am trying to read 30 books before i’m 30? well, i brought a paper back with me on the trip and left my kindle at home, thinking i wouldn’t have much time to read anyway. i was wrong. brian needs frequent down time, so i found myself reading a lot, and quickly finished that book. therefore, without my kindle, i needed a replacement asap. we went to the nearest half price books, and i picked up a few things. they were having a 20% off sale too, so that was nice. i found a quilting book that’s on my amazon wish list, and instead of it being $25, after the sale it was about $5. what a steal! there’s really only one pattern i wanted from the book…don’t you hate that?! but there were a few others i may consider as well. here is the one i like:


all in all, i had a great time and picked up a lot of cool things! if you want to see the more touristy things we did, you can check out my other blog. i haven’t written about it quite yet, but hope to before the end of the evening. also be sure to check out my reading list i mentioned earlier 🙂

as always, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

❤ xtina