progress report…

the teacher, and list maker, in me are both yearning for some sort of documentation/record keeping/organization of the bagillion projects i have going on…therefore, i thought i could maybe give a biweekly or monthly “progress report,” of my activities.

first up, completed projects. i took advantage of my day off to finish painting a piece of pottery i’ve been working on. i’ve made another piece using this same technique before and loved it, so i thought i would try it out in a different color scheme. it’s essentially a wax resist…


and will hopefully look like this once it’s fired:


(this is the store’s example.) the other one i made was a fruit tray with handles, that had a brown background and elemental glazes. it was also a more realistic floral pattern. i should take a picture of it to show you…perhaps later. i always get attached the way the colors look before they are cooked in the kiln. maybe i will try a dark grey with pastel colors next time?

i also washed a bunch of fabric, but still need to iron and cut it. i found this AMAZING vintagey cowboys and indians fabric and bought the whole bolt. can’t wait to use it for something, although we all know i will probably just hoard it for forever 😉


next, i made a little progress on a few projects. i made a second flower for my zakka swedish bloom quilt. i don’t know which i love more, this or the first one…


here they are together…


i really made it hard for myself by choosing these fabrics for the first two flowers, and set the bar way too high. i wanted a really vintagey feel, low volume pattern for the middle, and large, simple, yet bold borders. i absolutely love these two, but haven’t been able to find any that i think complement them well enough :/ i’ve found a few for the borders that of course were in the “designer quilt,” section and super expensive, but none really for the middles. here is the combo i think i may use for the next flower, but am still unsure…ps, i need 9 flowers total…yikes


i also made a second block for my bizzy kid quilt. i need 20 of these, but don’t worry, they will not all be the same! LOL


i worked a little on my mug rug for danielle, but i’m not sure i love it. it’s pretty funky and i can’t decide if it has a nautical, tribal, or 80’s feel to it. LOL. may have to go back to the drawing board on this one. mug rugs are hard for me, because you have to pack so much punch in such a small piece.



i made just a little more progress on my cross stitch project…but did get a bigger hoop for it, so that was helpful. i also lost the needle, so that’s a little scary…


and last but not least, here are future projects i have planned:

i want to make a stained glass-ish quilt with this beautiful fabric. i already have navy, fuschia, magenta, and pink. i kind of want to get a mauve or lavender though too.


i want to make a triangle quilt out of this kermit flannel, for myself. i want to use pink, red, white, green, and maybe a little yellow, but i’m unsure about that.


and finally, i want to make a denim quilt for my brother sam. i made a “faux chenille” quilt for my sister tori, and sam said he wanted one too, but i don’t think it is masculine enough. sam likes gray, and although it’s hard to tell, this has a nice gray tone to it. i want to mix it with pure gray, navy, and maybe light blue? but i haven’t decided on a manly pattern yet. any suggestions?


i broke down and purchased a paper piecing book that has 50 star patterns, and there is one specifically that i want to enlarge to make into a wall hanging. if it is successful, i want to make a few and try to sell them on etsy or something.

i also received a commission to make a lego themed quilt by march, but am unsure whether or not i want to accept it. pricing, especially to someone you know well and see often can get hairy. i don’t want to overcharge, but don’t want to cheat myself either. decisions, decisions.

and i am about halfway through the book i am currently reading. book number 4 on my quest to 30.

so, to wrap up:


*completed projects:

pottery piece


*some progress:

zakka swedish bloom, 2/9 flowers

bizzy kid quilt, 2/20 blocks

mug rug for danielle, unsure, may scratch and restart

cross stitch, 1 1/2 houses


*no progress:

woodland sampler cross stitch


*future projects:

quilt for sam, denim and dark colors

quilt for me, kermit

stained glass quilt

paper pieced star wall hangings, to sell on etsy


*techniques to try:

sandwich binding



reading list:

halfway through book 4/30


i also want to create an ongoing “shopping list” so that  when i have coupons, or things are on sale, i stick to the list and get what i need, and not just what i want! lol.


shopping list:

vintage fabrics for flower quilt, and maybe more variety of greens for leaves?

mauve/lavender fabric for stain glass quilt

blues and grays for sam’s quilt, preferably solids

light blue, preferably patterned, fabric for bizzy kid quilt

fusing for applique projects


i think that went well for my first go around 😉 lol.

off to watch monsters university with the babe.

❤ xtina