so excited!

so, i started two new projects (from the list!) and am SUPER excited about both of them!

first up, the quilt for my brother sam. i wanted something simple and masculine, yet i still wanted an element of design, because after all, that is what he’s studying at the university of cincinnati, and i can’t disappoint him! he loves gray, and i loved this denim i found, so i combined them both and am really pleased with what i came up with. i also have navy, but i haven’t gotten that far yet. the blue is more of a lighter periwinkle, so these are not true colors. i think it will be a quick, easy sew, but still packs a big punch.


also, i forgot i have these adorable clothespins that i could be using to display my blocks…


versus these shabby old metal ones πŸ™‚


i started my next project to showcase this DARLING fabric i got on my vacation…it’s TOO TOO TOO TOO cute! and it’s lavender, but again, the lighting doesn’t do it justice:


it’s a paper piecing star pattern, that i enlarged, so i can make it a wall hanging for sale on etsy. brian helped me choose the colors and patterns, and after much deliberation, i really enjoy what we decided. it was really fun playing with the fabrics, because i’m starting to have a pretty nice stash πŸ™‚ it was also really fun to hear brian’s opinion, and come up with something we both really liked together. here is the first of 8 “slices.”


i was so excited while making copies of the pattern today at work, that i didn’t realize there were two different triangles, and i had only made copies of one. so tomorrow at work, i will have to get the other piece, because i CANNOT WAIT to see how this comes together…so excited!! (the large section is a fuchsia/plum color)


i also got to work on my cross stitch a little bit, but not enough to be picture worthy. i’m excited about that too, because after i finish the first two houses, i am going to work on the horse in the scene to switch it up for a bit, lol

and finally, i found two new projects to add to my never ending crafty to do list…

this toadstool and gnome pattern (that i would make in super girly colors instead)


and this tribal/aztec quilt that looks super simple…and i really like the color scheme as is.


i have tuesday off since i worked this weekend, and didn’t get to craft as much as i wanted to 😦 i’m trying to decide if i should work and earn over time, or if i should stay home and quilt?? i’m sure you know which way i’m leaning toward πŸ˜›

alright, i’m going to try to spend a little time with the boy since we haven’t seen each other all weekend. not much to report, but stay tuned, because i think these two projects are something i will actually keep up with until i’m finished πŸ™‚

❀ xtina