help wanted

so many projects, so little time! i will be asking for a lot of help throughout this post, so get your suggestions ready!

i finished the front of my first paper pieced star wall hanging. the copier that i used could not enlarge it as big as i would have liked, therefore, the end result wasn’t as big as i would like either…it is about 16.5 inches (square) right now, before quilting and binding…i wanted it to be closer to 24 inches. do you think i should add a border, and if so, what kind? i was thinking just a plain yellow border to pull it together with the center, but i don’t want to lose the effect of the polka dotted corners. or should i just leave it as is? also, any suggestions for the backing? for the binding? although it has a few slight imperfections, i am pretty pleased with how it is coming along. i probably will offer a pretty good deal on it, since it is my first one, and it isn’t perfect. stay tuned for when it is finished and up on etsy ๐Ÿ˜‰ i may have to stop being cheap and go to kinko’s next time to make it bigger.


see those imperfections i was talking about? lol still cute i think ๐Ÿ™‚


i wanted to use a truer pink vs the plumish color i ended up using, but i am still happy with it…it’s not so “matchy matchy.”


next, i need suggestions for the zakka swedish bloom flower quilt i am working on. in my previous post, i talked about how i set myself up for failure with the first fabrics i chose. i am going for a 1950’s vintage feel, and have been having a very hard time choosing patterns to match my original two. here are the first two i have completed, in case you have forgotten how they look:


i need 9 flowers total…here are the next combinations i am thinking of using…

the navy will be the center and the turquoise will be the outline


the fabric on the right is more peach than it appears here…the peach will be the outside of the flower


the white “flowers” on the left have gray shadows on them that match the gray on the right. i haven’t decided which of these should be the petals and which should be the border


the yellow has a large plaid with white and dark yellow. i think i will use the yellow as the border, and a dark yellow center to pull it together


i’m not a huge fan of this next combo, but my friend that was helping me pick really liked these. also, if you’ll notice, i have a lot of dark blues and grays and am starting to worry about that, that’s why i tried to throw in some warm colors too. red would be the border.


i already had this purple on the left, and tried to match it from memory while at the store…i’m not sure if these go together. also, the plaid would be the border, but since the background is white, do you think this is too much white together?


i have this orange, but don’t know what to pair it with. the star bursts are a dark periwinkle color.


overall, i just want to know if all the fabrics have the same “feel” and if they will look cohesive when i put them all together. also, do you think i have too many dark colors and need to rebalance?

i also need idea/patterns/etc. for using large scale prints…

here is the adorable cowboys and indians fabric i told you about…


and here is some new ADORABLE little asian girl fabric i got…


how should i use them without losing too much of the design?

and i have been on a fabric shopping spree lately. here are just a few of my faves…nothing designer, but i am frugal and don’t care about things like that. i look for a good deal and a cool design




i have my friend cheryl in mind for this next print…got a good deal on it as well ๐Ÿ™‚


i had my dad in mind for these feathers…very outdoorsy, yet still masculine in color. i may hoard them for myself though because i love them so much lol


here is some cutesy tootsie geographic fabric i found in the remnants bin…have no idea what to do with it


and my favorite purchase recently! was sad that it had to be my last purchase when i was starting to feel guilty about the amount of money i had spent and only got half a yard of each. i figure i can pair it with solids and a little black…


so, to recap, i would like any and all help/opinions you would like to offer regarding:

1. the star wall hanging (add a border? backing? binding color?)

2. vintage flowers (fabric choices and/or combinations ok? overall cohesion? too many dark colors?)

3. ideas for large scale prints

4. ideas for any/all of my new fabrics…specifically the united states, feathers, and last picture (zig zag/chevron and floral)

i plan to do a lot of sewing tomorrow so i can’t wait to hear how you are inspired by these fabrics and what comes to your mind, so i can get started.

i will probably work on the quilt for my brother, which is pretty simple cutting, and then plug and chug sewing.

thanks in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts. i appreciate ya!

โค xtina