pr (progress report) 2

i didn’t get too much accomplished this past week, and probably won’t this week either. bad christina!

works in progress:

i did the math for sam’s quilt, and figured out how many blocks of each color i would be needing. then, i cut all of my pieces. that was a big feat in itself, because that denim was ornery. glad i didn’t have to buy any additional fabric for this project though. i already had the gray, periwinkle, and navy. once i put it all together, if i don’t think it’s big enough i may put a wide border on it, but we shall see once i get to that point. i need 6 blocks of each color…perhaps i can set a goal to complete 3 of each color in the next 2 days?


then, although i didn’t get any responses to my previous post, “help wanted,” i decided to go ahead and make the purple flower. i’m not in love with it, but at least now i am 1/3 of the way done with my blooms 🙂 silver linings people. lol


and finally, i was able to finish a horsey and get a good start on the sidewalk. we are going to tennessee for a wedding this weekend. i will have 6 hours in the car on the way there, all of friday when the boys are playing golf with the groom, and 6 hours on the way home to work on this sucker, so hopefully i will have more to show on the next progress report. i am getting better at working with the linen, and excited about how it’s coming along, although i may have to switch it up in a bit because these houses could get pretty boring after awhile.


all work and no play makes me a dull girl…so after working hard in the craft room all day saturday, we headed downtown to celebrate one of our good friend’s birthday.




*completed projects this week:


*some progress:

zakka swedish bloom, 3/9 flowers, all fabrics chosen

sam’s quilt, 2/24 blocks complete, all pieces cut and ready

cross stitch, 2 houses, horse, and partial sidewalk

*no new progress

mug rug for danielle

bizzy kid quilt

woodland sampler cross stitch

*reading list

90% done with book 4/30…want to finish this before the trip so i only have to take my kindle with me. i’m about over it too, it’s starting to drag!

shopping list:

vintage fabrics for flower quilt, and maybe more variety of greens for leaves?

mauve/lavender fabric for stain glass quilt

blues and grays for sam’s quilt, preferably solids

light blue, preferably patterned, fabric for bizzy kid quilt

fusing for applique projects

well, people are getting on my nerves today and i am cranky so i will probably just read and/or watch tv instead of crafting tonight. it’s a short week for me…like i said we are leaving for tennessee right after work on thursday, so i really only have tomorrow and wednesday to get anything done. some weeks are like that.

ceasar salad and spaghetti dinner with the babe…

❤ xtina