not too shabby…

if you read my last post, i didn’t think i would get too much done this week before heading out of town. well, i am just as surprised as you are!

today after work, i was able to meet a friend for dinner, pack for the trip, and meet my goal of finishing 3 blocks of each color. i even got the first of four rows put together! what do you think? the denim is really giving me a run for my money though. ugh. it’s so stretchy and ornery. i sat down on the floor cross legged, and this barely touched the floor on both sides of me, so i will most likely be adding a border, because i want sam to be able to really snuggle up with this. (let’s hope he doesn’t see this when it posts to facebook!)


i also finished book 4 of 30 for my challenge, so that was exciting as well. you can read my review of it here.

short, sweet and to the point. just proud of my productive day i suppose.

i know tomorrow is going to drag on at work because it is standing in the way of me, tennessee, good weather and good fun…

❤ xtina