spontaneous fall project

i LOVE fall! it is my absolute favorite time of year…just why exactly do i love fall? hmmmm let’s see:

  • pumpkins
  • lattes
  • leaves
  • bonfires
  • football
  • tailgating
  • smores
  • hoodies
  • boots
  • scarves
  • cider
  • hayrides
  • crisp air
  • etc. etc

i love scarves, i just don’t know how to wear them…especially if they aren’t very long. i am lucky enough to have received a few infinity scarves as gifts, and i like those a bit more, because they are pretty much fail proof. i know my little sister bought mine from etsy for upwards of $25, but that was before i really got into sewing/quilting. therefore, i figured i could probably find a free tutorial/pattern, and make myself one for much cheaper. i happened to find this one, by “awaiting ada,” that essentially used 2 fat quarters. easy enough right?!

i wanted to practice with fabrics i didn’t care too much about, in case i messed up, but also that were cute enough that i could actually wear if it turned out great. i had previously purchased this fat quarter, because i loved the colors together, plus i’m a teacher so i loved the vintage school buses, plus they were neutral enough to match with simple outfits.


for the back, i didn’t want to be too matchy matchy, but i did want it to coordinate. i also wanted it to be a solid, versus a patterned fabric, so it wouldn’t be too busy. i decided to just use some of the leftover denim from the quilt i am making for my little brother. 20130913-185624.jpg

finally, i used red thread for the top stitch, to pop on the solid side, and to pull it all together.



Photo 514

i didn’t really want to take a picture in color, because i am wearing a hot pink shirt, but i figured i should probably showcase what it actually looks like. (hence the sassy face, lol)

Photo 515

and finally, here i am wearing it to work with a grey shirt. pardon the dim lighting…i was in the car and it still wasn’t completely light out yet.


my friends and coworkers weren’t as big of fans of it as i am, but that’s because not everyone can appreciate the buses lol. also, they didn’t put the work into it, to truly appreciate it! i can’t wait to start teaching again, because i will totally rock this scarf in the classroom lol. i think it will look better with a long sleeved shirt and my hair down. if i make another scarf, i would like to make it a little wider, and a little longer. i think i would also use some interfacing to give it a little more shape/sturdiness. i’ve never used that before, but need to learn soon so i can applique. these would be good gifts too, so i don’ t think i will give up just yet. plus, i made this in one afternoon after work, so it’s a quick, fun, rewarding, and useful project! i will update with a new picture when i look a little more presentable, and my scarf looks equally awesome šŸ™‚ lol

i know i said i would try to get a lot done on my cross stitch, since i would be in a car for 12 hours this past weekend…however, on the way to tennessee, it got dark too fast, and on the way back, i just couldn’t focus, so i read instead. still making slow but steady progress though šŸ™‚

speaking of reading, you should go check out the book i was able to not only start, but also to finish in the car on the ride home….here.


that’s about the extent of craftiness i’ve been able to complete since my last post. stay tuned…

ā¤ xtina