lots to see! pr 3 (progress report)

so i’ve had this post brewing for awhile, but being the perfectionist that i am…i wanted to finish one more thing before sending this off into cyber space…but more about that later.

i knew that this past saturday would be a total wash, because we went tailgating at IU, and nothing productive ever happens those days. therefore, i needed to be busy both before and after the game.

friday night, i made another flower for my zakka swedish bloom quilt. i’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


here they all are together so far…sorry for the crappy pic. i’ve really got to get a nice camera soon! perhaps birthday or christmas? anywho, i now have 4 down and 5 to go. i am running out of fun greens for the leaves, and look for more every time i go to the fabric store (which is WAY TOO often!)


i also finished the second of 4 rows for my brother’s christmas quilt. it will for sure need a nice wide border, but it isn’t turning out as small as i thought it would be. the denim is still stretching, pulling, and overall getting on my nerves, but once it’s all together i think it will look awesome. if you can’t tell yet (because i only have 2 rows!) i am going for a diagonal design…notice how the gray is catty corner from the gray, etc. etc.


i also was tempted to work on this gem a little bit. you may remember it from this post. i still love the way the (once) flowers paired with the scalloped pink give it a fishy feel. and i really like these colors together. i now have i think 16 of 60 made. oy vey.


then, i made two more blocks for my bizzy kid quilt. i’m really enjoying it! i added yellow like i wanted to, but still haven’t been able to find a light blue patterned fabric to add to the mix. i know i said i didn’t want to add red, but i may just break down and do it. even though i love the pastel feel of the color scheme so far, i may just throw it in for a “pop.”


here are 4 of 20 blocks needed. still digging the “pie charts,” too as i call them 🙂


and although i’ve started and restarted a quilt for my good friend’s son several times, i think i’ve finally come to a decision on this pattern:


doesn’t look amazing yet, but i think it’s really going to come together with the cute little foxes, and bold boyish colors. also, i can showcase a thick strip of the foxes at the top and that will give it a nice touch i think. i gave her daughter a super cute, handmade item for her 1st birthday, so this quilt may have to be a 1st birthday present for him as well.

my best friend’s son, my little grayson, is turning one next month, and i have a special surprise in store for him…but his mommy reads my blog religiously, so i can’t post it just yet. however, i can say that it will not be a quilt.


and finally, the project that delayed this post for days…my woodland sampler! everyone on flickr was taunting me with their woodland sampler progress, and i decided that i too wanted to have cute little cross stitched animals. i decided to start with february, because i thought the raccoon was pretty cute. i totally could have had him finished by sunday, but brian, who usually doesn’t like being lovey dovey, was being very needy and wanting to cuddle. like i said, since he usually doesn’t like it, i figured i’d better enjoy it while it lasted, and gave in to cuddle time. so i was bound and determined to finish it monday night, and he did the same thing again! today, i made no excuses, came straight home from work, and finished this bad boy. i don’t really like how “thin” the thread looks. the directions said to only use two, but i think i would’ve liked a thicker look. also, you can’t really tell the difference in the black around the ears, from the navy background. and finally, you can’t really tell that the “stars” in the sky are gold shimmery. aside from that, i think he’s pretty freaking adorable, and his eyes are my favorite part. i’d also forgotten how fast and easy cross stitching is on aida cloth versus linen.


i also got some super cute fabrics that i yet again have absolutely no idea what i’m going to do with. i also keep buying large prints which i really don’t know how to work with, while keeping the majority of the image in tact. i have vintage cowboys and indians, little asian girls, and now, foxes and cherry trees. what exactly is wrong with me? i wish i knew! lol


this picture doesn’t do this next fabric justice, because you can’t really tell how amazing and vivid and “mango-y” the colors are. yes, i just went there. lol


i don’t know why i kept being drawn to this fabric every time i was in the store…i think it’s the clouds…but finally, the bolt looked a little thin, and yes indeed it was my lucky day…there was just enough for a “remnant” so i got 50% off! it pays to be as frugal as i am. i have this black cross hatch that i thought would look really good with this, but the cream background really put a damper on things.


i also got another very pretty fabric (unpictured), but i am making a birthday gift for someone with it, and i know she reads my blog as well.

or perhaps this is just my ploy to make you keep coming back. the world may never know. bwahaha. ok, enough of that.

completed projects:


some progress:

  • woodland sampler, 1 out of 12 months
  • bizzy kids quilt, 4 out of 20 blocks
  • sam’s quilt, 2 out of 4 rows
  • zakka swedish bloom quilt, 4 out of 9 flowers
  • griffin’s quilt, 1 out of 7 rows
  • pajama pant quilt, 16 out of 60 4 patches made

no (new) progress:

  • riley harbor cross stitch project
  • mug rug for danielle

new projects:

  • pottery piece that i can’t share yet, because it may be a gift for a faithful reader of this blog

reading list:

  • just started book 5 of 30

work has been draining me lately, and i have to work this weekend too, so i don’t know how much more i can crank out this week. maybe just relaxing and reading?

❤ xtina