odds & ends

i had to work this weekend, so needless to say, not much crafting was accomplished. however, over the past couple of weeks, i’ve purchased a few new things for the craft room, and today after work i was finally able to clean and organize a little.

first, let me just tell you…i hate ironing! i’ve never ironed my clothes and specifically go out of my way to purchase clothes that don’t have to be ironed! it’s funny because i used to date a guy that ironed even his undershirts, whereas i would simply throw things back in the dryer with a damp cloth to get the wrinkles out. ugh i really hate it. but, along with quilting comes ironing, so i’ve been making do with this tiny, thinly padded, decrepit board. the only good thing about this ironing board (aside from being blue) is that it’s so small and low to the ground, that immediately after cutting while sitting cross legged, i could iron, and vice versa. but this dirty crappy board had to go, and was upgraded…


to this beauty!


yeah right, this print doesn’t really scream “beautiful” to me, even though i like the blues and greens of course…but if i’m going to start taking this hobby seriously, i need the proper materials. i even kept it waist high, so it’s still convenient for me. plus it opens up a lot of floor space. now the only annoying thing will be to keep water in the iron, because as much as i use the steam option, i’m refilling it every few hours. luckily, it is a really good iron, that i just so happened to “inherit” from the aforementioned ex 😉 lol


then, my “self healing” cutting mat somehow had several slices cut all the way through it. i got a bigger, better one. also, i accidentally stepped on my ruler and put a huge crack down the middle, so i replaced that as well. the new one is purple, and the old one was red, so i already like this one much better! what do i keep telling you folks? when it comes to me, it’s the little things!


not pictured, i picked everything up off of the floor and vacuumed all of the threads and scraps up, so now i have a blank canvas to get messy again! i also broke down and purchased a closet organizer for my growing fabric collection. it’s not organized yet, that will have to come another day. but instead of having a million stuffed joann’s bags laying around, and some still on the cardboard inserts from the store, and some in storage containers, i decided to put them all in one neat location. yes i know it is pink and lavender, i got it from the kid section, but it was cheap and gets hidden in a closet so who really cares anyway? lol. i have an aversion to velcro, and just as i feared, the part that secures it to the shelf is indeed velcro. i about had a conniption fit, but luckily pulled through.


then, i organized all of the projects i am currently working on, and their corresponding fabrics, to their own bins so they would be readily available, and also for quick clean up.


yesterday, after months of waiting, i finally received the final block from the flickr bee i participated in a LONG time ago. i know it was not the senders’ fault, because the envelope was all but ripped to shreds, and had the mailing date on it. i’m just happy to have them all…now what to do with them? also, should i participate in another round? perhaps not solids this time? or would that be biting off more than i can chew, as usual…


i also wanted to share this AMAZING kindle case i purchased from sewandtellhandmade on etsy. she was WONDERFUL to work with, and literally let me specify every single little detail and made sure i was 100% happy before making it. i received it pretty quickly, and it was super affordable. i just tried to leave feedback (i feel bad because it’s been a while since the transaction, so i think the option may no longer be there), but i would HIGHLY recommend her, and hope to buy more pretty things from her in the future. i really liked the one i already had, but something spilled on it, and i wanted a new one. she was able to put together something that included everything i loved about my old one, plus new things for me to love! who doesn’t love custom things? i think by now it’s obvious how thrilled i was with this product!


and finally, i forgot to show the pottery i painted a LONG time ago. it has three little bowls all connected with a handle, that i assume other people probably use for dips. i, on the other hand, had other ideas for it. i planned to use it for pins, bobbins, and other sewing supplies. and although i’m ALWAYS drawn to cool colors (blues, greens, purples), i decided to think outside of the box, and use yellows and grays. my craft room is yellow, and i wanted it to kind of match, since it would mostly be used in there. as usual with my pottery pieces, i put A LOT of detail into them, and they take FOREVER to make. i think this one took over 12 hours total. but of course i always love it in the end, so it’s worth it. and i was always taught that it’s good to enjoy the process as much as the product. the time i spend painting is super relaxing and therapeutic, so it’s a win win for me. this pot has proved VERY useful!

20131013-180437.jpg 20131013-180503.jpg 20131013-180517.jpg 20131013-180532.jpg


i have found a yet another cross stitch pattern, and quilting pattern that i want to try. and since i am cheap, and getting pretty good at figuring them out on my own (versus paying an arm and a leg for them), i think i may test both of them out soon.

and finally, i have very exciting, non craft related news to share. if you are interested, you can hop on over to my personal blog to see what’s up.

❤ xtina