it all started with a cheap  frugal crafter, and a pay it forward type of gal…

so, i had being seeing the zakka swedish bloom quilt everywhere and wanting to get my little hands on it. of course i didn’t want any of the other patterns in the book, and couldn’t justify buying the whole book just for one pattern. so is life.

i happened to meet a super friendly lady named danielle, on flickr, who offered to share the pattern with me…for nothing in exchange! we decided, however, to do a mug rug swap just for kicks. as we started talking, and our desire for new things grew, danielle told me about the new “u r here” crave. apparently starbucks has a “you are here,” coffee mug collection, featuring cities from around the us. here is the one for my hometown…indianapolis


here is a link to a flickr group showcasing some examples of this fun idea. essentially you get paired with a partner from somewhere in the nation…you buy them a mug from your city, make them a mug rug to go with it (not sure if it is supposed to match the colors/scheme or what) and then include a few other goodies in your care package. well, danielle and i didn’t officially sign up for the swap through the group, but figured we could do one on our own.

if you’ve been following along, you already know that danielle requested a coral and teal mug rug from me, and also that i have been struggling with a concept for it and started over quite a few times. well, this week, i decided to finally focus on this project and get it done. most of the time i am too worried about things being over the top, or amazing, instead of just doing something simple, and doing it well. i don’t know why, but i have really been avoiding “wonky stars,” although i have been seeing them all over pinterest and flickr as well. well, i found this really fun tutorial on them, and decided to just go for it. i am pleased with how it turned out. i changed the middle a bit, just to add more variety. i really love the polka dot fabric and the stripes. but mostly the polka dots 🙂 lol


i also took the opportunity to practice some different quilting lines. i had a lot of fun and think it adds a lot more interest to the negative space.


here’s the back, and the tutorial  i used for it. of course it couldn’t just be plain and boring either! i know it’s hard to tell, but i used a teal stitch for the front, and a pinkish stitch for the back, so that looks pretty cool too. it’s the little things!



and you guys know i REALLY STINK at binding, but i found a tutorial for “sandwich bias tape,” as she calls it, that really helped me a lot. still am not perfect and need more practice, but it’s probably the best i’ve ever done, so there’s that. would you just look at these corners for me please…



beautiful darlings! notice i am not showing a close up of where i had to match up the beginning and end, because it’s pretty sad.

like me, danielle also cross stitches. she posted a picture the other day of her new threads all organized in a box, and commented on how she needed more blues, purples, and oranges…so i picked some up for her. i am also going to give her red and green aida cloth, because i think they’re fun, and also one of the fat quarters i bought to make her mug rug, but didn’t end up using. i still need to pick up the mug for her (and perhaps one for myself as well), and also some edible goodies. i think that should be good right?


and finally, i’m making some “puppies and poppies,” although the puppies are pretty hard to see 😦 isn’t this ADORABLE?! i love love love it! i’ve almost finished it, and only worked on it in a few short sittings. i was originally going to make the one with birds, but i couldn’t resist these cuties! it’s a pretty quick and easy project, so i may still make the birds next.


i don’t work this weekend, but i do have a bachelorette party to attend, and colts vs. broncos game to watch, so i can’t guarantee what i will get done. i keep putting off the present for my nephew’s first birthday party (because it’s not until november 16th), but i am a procrastinator, so maybe, just maybe, i will start on that next??

thanks for stopping by!

❤ xtina