happy birthday mimi, and a progress report

my grandma, mimi, LOVES cats! usually i get her a book about kitties to read, such as, “dewey, the small town library cat who touched the world,” or “homer’s odyssey.”

however, this time i wanted to make her something special, featuring her favorite felines. and since i recently picked up cross stitching again, i thought this was the perfect idea. i’m not sure if she’s ever owned a black cat per say, but i didn’t think about customizing the fur until after. plus, the black complements the yellow “dandelion” well i think.



i was really hoping to find a circle or square frame, preferably red (because that’s her favorite color) and would really make the flowers and collar pop, but good frames are hard to come by i guess. i found this cute, distressed frame with a fun shape, and it was settled. at first i didn’t like how there was so much negative space above and below the kittens (due to the oval shape of the frame), but it is starting to grow on me.


unfortunately, i couldn’t attend mimi’s birthday dinner, because i was out of town at a rehearsal dinner. but yesterday she called to thank me and tell me how much she loved her gift. she even told me that she has it displayed on her bookshelf so everyone could see it. i’m so happy that she is happy. she is such a sweetheart and i love her! now what to get her for christmas??

yesterday, i did a little shopping with a good friend of mine. since we were so close to one of my favorite fabric stores, of course we had to drop in.

here are a few fat quarters i picked up…


and lately i have been OBSESSED with any and everything woodland. that being said, i instantaneously fell in love with this fabric! i couldn’t resist. but it was super pricey, so i only got a quarter yard of each. look at that little flower child. how stinking adorable?!


completed projects:

  • mug rug for danielle
  • kitten and dandelion cross stitch for mimi
  • birthday present for brian’s mom that i can’t post about yet

some progress/new project:

  • some work on grayson’s first birthday present, but i can’t share yet, because his mommy reads this!
  • pottery piece

no (new) progress:

  • riley harbor cross stitch project
  • woodland sampler cross stitch
  • bizzy kids quilt
  • sam’s quilt
  • zakka swedish blooms
  • griffin’s quilt

reading list:

  • a little over half way done with book 5 of 30

i have a little bit of extra spare time this week, so i hope to get at least another row of sam’s quilt done, at least another flower or two of my zakka swedish blooms done, and a lot of grayson’s birthday gift done. i want to start a new cross stitch project, because i’m not loving any of my current ones. and i also want to get at least 3/4 of the way done with my book.

in fact, i may go work a little more on one of those now.

❤ xtina