slow and steady…

hey, some progress is better than no progress right? the boy went down to our alma mater for a football game and a “boys’ weekend,” so i had the house to myself. i tried to take advantage of uninterrupted craft time, but just wasn’t really feeling it. i was able to add one more row to sam’s quilt like i wanted to. however, i feel like i am getting worse at working with the denim, versus better. the seams on my newest row (the bottom) didn’t line up as nicely. i even got a kink in the seam (for lack of the official term). after that, i got pretty frustrated and decided to put it aside and come back to it at another time. i only have one more row to go, so hopefully i can keep it together for the last bit. i am also going to add a thick border, because i for sure know it isn’t going to be big or cuddly enough at its current size.


i have been obsessed with all things woodland lately, and these little foxes were just dying to be paid attention to.


i’ve had a hard time finding patterns to use for large print fabrics, but was drawn to this one.


i don’t know if it will have the same exact feel, because i am using images, versus solids, especially in the 9 patch. but, i like it so far. what do you think? i need 5 solid colors. i plan to use this magenta, an olive,  an espresso and an orange. i had a taupe color picked out, but think it will blend in too much and need to think of a replacement. a cherry red? a burnt sienna? white? open for suggestions!


if you recall, i have been working on this “jacob’s ladder,” from my mini doll quilts book. i use the term “working,” losely, lol. because before this weekend i only had a few of the 4 patches complete. they are so tiny and tedious, i really didn’t realize what i was getting myself into. plus, cutting the fabric from pajama pants has proved a little more difficult than originally anticipated, lol.


here’s what i have so far. 4 completed units, and i need 121. lol! and i think using two patterns gives it a totally different feel than what i wanted. not sure if i will continue with this or not…


and that leads us to my last project of the weekend. clearly i was getting bored and restless with everything i was working on, and kept quickly moving onto the next idea swirling around in my head. brian has been bugging me to start a blanket for him. he wants a colts blanket, an iu blanket, a reds blanket, etc. etc. lol. i told him you can only use one blanket at a time, and he insisted that he needs to switch them up according to whatever sport he is watching at the time. riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. so, for now, he is getting a colts blanket, and that is probably the only one he will be getting (for awhile at least).

well, last christmas, i made this “faux chenille” blanket for my little sister tori, and he wanted his colts blanket to be like it:

blanket back

blanket front

however, i have already made three blankets like this, and frankly am getting pretty bored of the technique. my brother sam wanted one like it too, but you see how i decided against that for his (the first project of this post). i told brian that his would not look like tori’s, and i had chosen something else. i asked if he wanted to give his input, or be surprised, he said he wanted to be surprised because he loves my ideas. perhaps he was just excited because i finally started his, lol. but he should know me well enough to know that his might end up as one of the unfinished “works in progress” in the corner of the craft room, lol.

i have really been wanting to try out the x and + pattern, but am too ocd to choose “random” fabrics as you are supposed to, to give it the really authentic “scrappy” feel.


therefore, i thought my predetermined fabric choices might make this pattern a breeze. here is the test block. sorry you can’t really see the white…i took the photo on top of the dryer. i think the blue + blends in too much with the blue of the colts fabric. do you think it looks ok?


the colts fabric is cotton, but the black, white, and blue are all flannel. (because i did originally plan to do the same faux chenille technique he wanted.) i have never used flannel for piecing, and knew i better research it first, before i ended up with a frayed mess on my hands. i basically learned that you HAVE to wash the flannel in hot water, and dry it on a hot setting also, so it has a chance to shrink, shrink, and shrink some more. you are also supposed to use a 1/2 inch seam, versus a 1/4 inch seam. i don’t know if i should increase the size of my pieces to account for that, or just lose some of the size. it’s hard, because i am mixing the flannels with a cotton, and don’t want to waste a bunch of the colts fabric, because it was pretty pricey. but i also don’t want all my hard work to fall apart. any advice?

because i had to wash the flannels, i decided to wash all of my fabrics that needed it. it was a hot mess! i had a beige piece with tiny pink flowers that i threw in with the whites…bad idea! everything turned bright pink! i soaked them in oxi clean, and rewashed them. luckily, i think i was able to get them back to their original color. it was pretty stressful though, because i had a lot of pretty whites in there! you know i hate ironing, so i think i won’t iron these until i am ready to use them. i know, i’m a lazy bum…but look at all of this! some pieces didn’t even make the cut, because the washer was filled to the brim.


and finally, i finished book #6 in my quest to read 30 new books before turning 30. my 29th birthday is this friday. so sad. i just started this goal in august, so i figure if i keep up with an average of at least 2 books a month, i will be able to accomplish my goal on time. you can read more about it, and reviews of the books i have read so far, on the post found here.

overall, more of a relaxing weekend than a productive one. i start orientation for my new teaching job tomorrow, and could not be more excited! a little nervous, but mostly excited.

what did you create this weekend?

❤ xtina