catch up!

so, i haven’t blogged in awhile, but that doesn’t mean that exciting things haven’t been happening!

first, i received my “you are here” mug from danielle out in oregon. and look at all the other amazing goodies she sent with it! a dresden mug rug, a handmade pin cushion with cute little leaf pins, some aurifil thread (which i’m so excited to try out for the first time ever!), some green fabric, an amazing smelling candle, and a mini charm pack. WOWZERS! i was having a really rough week adjusting to the stress of my new job, and this was just the gift i needed to lift my spirits! πŸ™‚


next, i’ve been working diligently (slowly, because i’m a perfectionist) but diligently none the less, on an old fashioned stool/desk combo for my nephew grayson. painting personalized stools was kind of my “claim to fame.” you can see most of the other stools i have painted on my old blog, here. but for my best friend’s son, i wanted something a little more special, and when i saw this i knew right away it was the one! he just turned one, but i wanted to choose a boyish theme that was “big” enough to grow with him. i found these super cute woodland stencils, and i had my inspiration.

here is the seat of the stool…


here is the back of the stool, under the seat…


here is the desk top. that brown strip at the top is actually a divet to hold a pencil. how cute is that?!


the front of the desk has his name on it, and i love the miniature trees in an arch at the bottom too πŸ™‚


on one side, i painted squirrel with an acorn…


and on the other side i painted a bear.




jenny just sent me this picture of grayson testing out his new piece of furniture. that’s my cute big boy!


brian thought it was super cute and said he wants me to make one for our future child too lol. it was the very last one at michael’s, so i don’t know if that is going to be an option at the rate we are going, lol.

speaking of (way) future children, i have already decided that if i have a boy, i want the nursery to be IU sock monkeys, and i want to paint it brown and red. ifΒ  i have a girl, i want the nursery to be ballerina sock monkeys, and i want to paint it brown and pink.

last weekend, i got a random call from some company asking me to partake in a health survey. the only reason i agreed to, it because she promised me a $10 amazon gift card at the end. i LOVE amazon, and my amazon wish list is about 5 pages long lol. anywho, the point of this story, is that with the gift card, i was able to purchase a yard of this adorable fabric, and paid less than $2 of my own money for the shipping.


and i also found this cute pattern that i think i might adapt:


i have been wanting to practice wonky stars and i think this is a great way to showcase each individual monkey, because they each have such big personalities πŸ™‚ we all know how slow i am when it comes to working on projects, but perhaps i may have my sock monkey quilt completed before my future child is even conceived lol.

this weekend i hit the lottery. i just happened to stop by joanns (since my new job is in the middle of no where, i don’t stop by the fabric store as often as i used to), and it was my lucky day, because the majority of the quilting fabrics were 50% off. 50% off! i picked these greys for a gift i have in mind for someone…


these purples and maroons for the same gift, but a different person…


these corals for the same gift, but for myself! lol. these were the “premium” quilting fabrics so they were only 30% off, but i wanted them so bad!


and these fabrics, which i have no idea what i will be using them for, but some were remnants, and the rest were 50% off, so i splurged. plus, i get an additional 15% off (even sale items) for being an educator, so i got all that fabric for less than $35! i think that was pretty cost efficient of me! lol. i have already washed and ironed all of these babies too! πŸ™‚


now, with about a month left until christmas, i really need to focus on sam’s quilt!

oh! i forgot to say that i finally packed up my sewing machine and took it to the shop. i got a special foot for scant quarter inch seams, and i also got what i needed for free motion quilting, which i know i am going to need A LOT of practice with. the guy that was helping me said that once i really get into quilting i am really going to want a newer, bigger, better machine and proceeded to show me a $700 one that he recommends. yeah right i wish!

also, brian’s younger brother eric gave me an amazon gift card for my birthday, and i bought this book:

hoop la

soooo excited! can’t wait until it gets here πŸ™‚

i think that’s about all that’s been going on in my art life!

❀ xtina