10 days til christmas!

i thought i had more time, but i just realized there are only TEN more days until christmas. eek! i guess i’d better get a move on, on my brother’s blanket huh? as you can see, i finally finished all 4 rows, and have added the border to the top and bottom. i still need to finish the border for the sides, and quilt it. i got a really nice, warm piece of flannel for the back. it’s a navy with a black crackle and really complements the colors and design of the front. i thought the size would be a little bigger, but hopefully sam will be content with a lap size, because i think that’s how it will end up. as always, please excuse the horrible quality of photos. i don’t have the best lighting in my house, and use my ipod for picture taking. i did ask for a nice camera for christmas, so we shall see if i get one.


remember these fabrics i showed you a while back? well, i have become really close friends with a girl at work, that started teaching at my school the same time as me. she told me that she likes to redecorate her room a lot; that it’s currently red, and soon it will be purple. so i chose these colors, and paired them with a navy.


i’ve  never made a pillow before, but fell in love with this one from factotum of arts.


i decided i could do simple patchwork, and a wonky star. and here she is, my first ever pillow!


isn’t she lovely? here’s the back…


my favorite square is the middle of the star. the purple cross hatch on the navy is to die for.


it was a little looser than i would have liked, but that just means she can get it on and off easily for washing. here is the tutorial i used to make an envelope pillow cover.

do you remember this fabric? i had originally planned to make the same pillow cover for another friend, but wanted something more masculine.


after some searching, i was really drawn to this one, that i found on flickr.


i’m not quite finished yet, but pretty close:


not sure how i feel about it yet…


luckily those are the only projects i chose to make for christmas this year, so hopefully if i do a little each night i will be done in time! i also got some stuff to make myself a pillow, but that project will just have to wait!

❤ xtina