another quilt under my belt!

a quick update, for those of you who haven’t been following along with the progress of this quilt…

my brother sam, who is a sophomore at the university of cincinnati, requested a blanket from me for christmas. the only inspiration he gave me was that he likes the color gray. i found this cool denim that i thought would pair nicely with gray and some blues, and i was on my way. my brother is studying industrial design, and really has an artistic eye (it must run in the family i guess), so i wanted to make sure this quilt was masculine and modern enough for a college student, and aesthetically pleasing enough for someone with an interest in design.

here is a close up of the quilting. i made the lines an inch apart in both directions. even though the blanket turned out a little smaller than i would have liked (more of a lap blankie than a cuddling on the couch blankie), sewing these intricate lines took FOR-EVER! but in the end, it was well worth it, because i LOVE the way it looks and feels. it added a nice thickness and weight to it, that i don’t think would’ve been accomplished otherwise.


i wanted to show you the back. it’s a nice heavy navy flannel, with a black “crackle” effect. it really complements the colors and tone of the front.


not the best lighting or camera, sorry, but here is the whole thing bound and laid out, ready to be washed. making that diagonal border was pretty tedious too, but again, i am really pleased with the way it turned out, and the effect it adds.


i contemplated using a patterned fabric for the bias tape around the edges, but decided to stick with a simple, sleek gray to tie it altogether. i bought a bias tape maker/tool the other day at joann’s and can’t wait to try it out soon.


here it is straight from the dryer…look at that crinkle. LOVE! i may or may not have tested it out last night before wrapping it up this morning. it may have been incredibly warm and cozy.


here i am, holding my proud accomplishment!


here is sam posing with his gift. last night i texted him that he had better love this present more than everything else he’s ever loved combined, because my procrastination was giving me a breakdown and i was just about over it! lol. i think it’s safe to say he was pretty happy, which makes me happy! 🙂


keep in mind that my brother was wearing SHORTS today, but we were all hanging out in the kitchen, he said he was cold and left. instead of putting on pants like a reasonable person, he returned like this:


when he first opened it, he was wearing it like an apron or a towel around his waist…wish i would’ve snapped a picture of that! whenever i finish a post, it is automatically “shared” on my facebook wall. i thought i had been doing a pretty good job of hiding this project from my brother, by tucking it in the middle of posts with other works in progress…plus, i didn’t really think he read my blog that much…but when i questioned him about sneaking a peek, he admitted that he couldn’t help but look. what a stinker!

from making this quilt, i learned that i will probably never work with denim again! it looks lovely, but was stretchy, inconsistent, and an overall pain in the butt to use! other than that, i think i am slowly improving on my skills. even my bias and corners are starting to look a little better. now, i just need an awesome machine, because i am rapidly outgrowing my beginner one.

i will try to post again before the year ends with goals for 2014

merry christmas to all!


❤ xtina