pillow pro

ok, so i’m definitely not a pro, but it got your attention right?! lol. i have now officially completed my second pillow, and another project for the year. i messed up on one tiny part of the pattern, and if you really care to investigate it, you can read one of my older posts on how it was supposed to look, and crack the case yourself. i am not going to point it out to you 🙂

my first pillow was somewhat of a practice/trial run, although it turned out pretty nicely. it was a patchwork, with a wonky star. you can see it here.  both of the pillows i have made have been envelope covers, so the recipients can take them on and off easily for washing.

although they were both surprise gifts for friends, i let my 2nd friend choose their own fabrics, and this is what i came up with:


i think it turned out quite nicely. i still have these fabrics that i plan to use to make myself a pillow, but i don’t know what pattern i want just yet:


friday night, i was also able to complete another flower for my zakka swedish bloom quilt. 5 down, 4 to go. the one i’m working on now is probably going to be my favorite of the bunch, and when you see it you will know why, and you may have to agree yourself. i think this one is pretty spectacular though too. it looks much better than the others, now that i’m using my new foot with a “scant” quarter inch seam.


some very exciting news, i broke down and bought myself a new machine! i have been using the one my mom gave me, that she used to use to sew clothes for me. it’s a nice brother, that was really simple and great for me to learn the basics on, but as i grow more interested in quilting, it just wasn’t as up to date as i needed it to be. of course i would love to spend 3 grand on  an out of this world pfaff machine, but i settled for a middle of the road singer. i found it on amazon for 53% off, no sales tax, and free shipping. i used some christmas money and amazon reward points and got the total down to something i was comfortable with. it has all of the options i wanted, plus many more that i can’t wait to explore! i’m sure i will be posting about it a lot soon…hopefully how much i love it and not that i am having difficulties with it, lol. all smiles over here! 🙂

sewing machine

i’m a bit tired from a bunch of running around this weekend, so unfortunately i don’t have much juice to write any more. i do intend to write a year in review/progress report and goals for 2014 post though, so make sure to stop back in soon for that!

❤ xtina