year in review…

before writing this post, with all my current works in progress in mind, i was under the impression i didn’t get many projects accomplished this year. however, looking back, i’m actually pretty impressed with myself. here is a quick reel…

i started this new blog in the middle of may. also in may i completed my first quilt ever for my mom as a mother’s day gift.


in may i applied to be a staffer for an online scrapbooking magazine. unfortunately i was not one of the 20 chosen, but it was the first time i had ever put my art out there like that.

in may i wrote my first tutorial


and my final project in may was a piece of wall art that i made as a donation for a silent auction


in june:

i finally learned and mastered paper piecing


i also constructed a handmade journal


in july:

i participated in a virtual sewing bee on flickr. here are the blocks i made

20130713-200438.jpg 20130713-200432.jpg 20130713-200424.jpg 20130713-200416.jpg 20130713-200407.jpg 20130713-200351.jpg

here are the blocks i received


i also made a cute little scrapbook page


in august:

i made a greek cross quilt for baby sam


i made my first mug rug for a friend’s birthday present in her favorite colors


i participated in the christmas in july blog hop, and made these cute quilted trees for a wall hanging


i got a gelli plate and experimented with printing


i made my first pillow case


i participated in a mug rug swap. here is the one i made, according to my partner’s preferences

20130829-084944.jpg 20130829-084950.jpg

and here is the one my partner made for me


in september:

i finished painting two pieces of pottery

20131013-180517.jpg 20131013-180503.jpg 20131013-180437.jpg


in october:

i made an infinity scarf for myself, and one for brian’s mom as a birthday gift

Photo 515

Photo 433.jpg 18-19-25-958 Photo 509

i finished one month of my woodland cross stitch sampler


danielle and i exchanged mug rugs for the #urhere mug rug swap. i made her this

20131017-234720.jpg 20131017-234742.jpg

and she made me this


i also made some cute cross stitch kitties for my grandma, for her birthday

20131029-111648.jpg 20131029-111626.jpg 20131029-111640.jpg

the only project i completed in november was a stool/desk set for my nephew grayson

20131124-195343.jpg 20131124-195351.jpg 20131124-195408.jpg 20131124-195401.jpg

20131124-195431.jpg 20131124-195437.jpg 2013112495205543

in december:

i made two pillows



and finished a quilt for my brother


whew! time flies when you’re having fun right? i didn’t realize how much crafting i’ve done in just half a year actually (from may until now).

i’ve also read these 8 books since starting my goal in august, of reading 30 new books before i turn 30 in 2014!

51OmY4c0GjL._SY300_storytellerziphistory-largeLeonardwolves1381265058000-GREEN-FAULT-BOOKS-934The Night Circus UK

i also STARTED, yet didn’t finish a bunch of projects, but i will save those for my next post, which will be goals for 2014 🙂

thanks so much for following along with my progress and cheering me on this year! your love and support are great motivators!

if you want to read about my year in review of personal events, you can do so here.

❤ xtina