sunday stash

this weekend we went to visit friends in noblesville, to meet their new baby. it’s about 45 minutes away, so we ordered pizza, rented a redbox, and made it into an adult slumber party. while we were out that way, i asked brian to take me to “always in stitches,” a fabric/cross stitch store in noblesville that i had never been to before. here are some of the fabrics i picked up…

the first two are oil cloths that were 40% off. i love the colors and prints. i’ve never used oil cloth before, so i asked the two ladies helping me cut what else i could make with them, besides bibs. they said shower curtains or rain coats. i think not. i think i may try either reusable snack bags for packing lunch, or just totes to use at the grocery store. the third is this super cute, very girly fabric that was also 40% off. i really want to pair it with some cream chenille and a patterned black fabric for a baby blanket…or just to keep for myself lol. the bottom three are just for my stash, because i love them, and i know these fabric lines are starting to be rather rare.20140112-214949.jpg

then, i went to joanns to pick up more interfacing, but of course couldn’t walk out with just that. the good thing about joanns, is that i always have a ton of 50% off coupons, and also an educator discount. you know i’m a sucker for foxes, and cutesy illustrations, so i had to pick up some of this fleece. the second fabric is a cotton poly blend, which i don’t know how to use! (any suggestions??) but the colors and flowers are AMAZING! and it was red tag fabric, and it was an extra 50%! it’s almost like it was begging to purchased. and finally, i got this last fabric, because i thought it would go well with that hot pink, purple and green fabric above, but once i got them together, i don’t really think they do.


and i also went to get backing for the saddle blankets i’m working on. which leads me to my next topic…i finished the first saddle blanket top! i’m SO happy with it! i think it turned out really well, and the new technique i tried was really helpful. the top fabric will be the back for the male horse’s blanket, and the bottom fabric will be the backing for the female horse’s blanket. what do you think? i really like the floral print. it kind of has an asian cherry blossom feel. i’ve wanted to buy it before, but never did…maybe i’ll have a bit extra leftover to play with 🙂


during my last snow day, i wanted to be somewhat productive, so i worked on my woodland sampler. i already had february complete, so i went back to do january. it went way faster, because i didn’t have to fill in the entire background. i’m not finished yet, because i’m trying to decide what to do about the snowflakes. they are supposed to be “bright white,” but don’t really show up very well on my “oatmeal” colored cloth. so i experimented with the metallic silver i used for the stars on february, and think i like it better.


so cute! i want to buy another sampler from this company, especially because they just came out with a fairy tale one, but clearly i have enough on my plate as it is!

pretty happy with the crafting pace i have been keeping up with so far in 2014 🙂

❤ xtina