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ok, sorry for the less than creative title, but i’m running out of ways to say “i crafted all weekend!” lol

brian was away at a video game weekend (lame right?!) so i had the whole house to myself. you know i cannot sit still for more than two seconds, so needless to say, i pretty much spent the whole time in the craft room!

first project…i’ve really been wanting to make one of these cute pencil zippered pouches i’ve been seeing all over pinterest. i guess i should mention that i’ve never sewn a zipper into anything before, but remember i did say i wanted to try new techniques in 2014. it turned out less than stellar. well, i guess there was only one mistake, but still, to a perfectionist like me, i wanted to toss it in the trash. if you look at the bottom, you can see the little part where i didn’t catch the yellow fabric in the seam.


however, i’m actually pretty proud of my zipper skills! beginner’s luck?


and here’s an example of how well i follow directions…i thought this split seam on the inside was another mistake i made, but in fact you are supposed to sew it up at the end. it’s the hole in which i flipped the pouch right side out. haha. i SUCK at hand stitching though, so i decided to skip that step and leave this project incomplete lol. i also don’t like the fabric i chose for the lining, but i was in a hurry. i don’t think the hassle was worth the work. i was supposed to have a sewing play date with my friend meghan, but that got cancelled due to weather. i think i will let her show me how to properly sew in a zipper. she even said our purse project requires a magnetic closure. eek!


next, i’ve also been seeing tula pink’s “peaks and valleys,” pattern all over pinterest too. so, being the cheapskate i am, i found a free tutorial for “delectable mountains,” which is essentially the same thing, and tested it out. of course when i put the two sides of the block together they didn’t line up just so, but WHATEVER! ha. i still like it. it’s supposed to be horizontal:


but i think i like it better vertical…what do you think?


here are the other pinks/corals i plan to use with the gray.


my baby sis is going to college next year 😥 it is truly the house divided, because i bleed cream and crimson (indiana university) and she was accepted to purdue’s pre pharmacy program. also i despise the boilermakers, i am very happy for my sister, and beyond proud of her as well. when my brother sam, who is now a sophomore at the university of cincinnati, graduated from high school, i made him a scrapbook, which you can read about here. now that i am more of a fabric crafter, and less of a paper crafter, i decided to make tori some school spirit pillows for her dorm room. i got a big one, 24 inches for decoration, and a small one, 16 inches, for snuggling. this is how i am going to make the big one…like a barn star. well, except with black and gold of course. i think it will appeal to her aesthetic.


here is what i’ve gotten done so far. i need to go back to the store for more of the gold fabric. ugh. but i’m pretty much a pro at half square triangles now, lol. love that cross hatch fabric too!


i am going to use these feathers, and plain gold for the middle. see my sketch in the background? i love my little graph paper composition quilting notebook 🙂 it’s always the little things with me! when i was drawing it up, my mom gently reminded me that tori doesn’t like pink. lol. HELLO? i know! but i only had highlighters at the time, lol.


i made an AMAZING valentine’s day present for brian, but i can’t share it yet, because he reads this, and i would hate to ruin the surprise. it’s soooo cool though, i can’t wait to show it to you guys!

and finally, i finished march on my woodland sampler, and even went back and redid the snowflakes on january in the silver metallic embroidery floss. looking ahead at april’s pattern, there are a bunch of clouds that are supposed to be in bright white. ugh! i am really regretting choosing this “oatmeal” colored aida cloth. i don’t know what to do. i don’t want to have to make the entire clouds in the silver thread. maybe i will just use light blue or gray? :/


since i’ve been into fabric crafts lately, and put paper crafts aside, i was surprised to get a michael’s gift card for my birthday back in november. i had today off, and was finally able to head over there to put it to good use.

i have a lot of tiny alphabet stamps, so i was excited to see this larger set. these are great for journal pages!


i picked up this reusable tote…like i need another bag right?! but the pattern and colors caught my eye. very frida.


and finally, for the big/main purchases, i got a bunch of project life cards. they are TOO CUTE. i knew when i opened the box and saw foxes, this was the kit for me! i also put scrapbooking, particularly project life style on my 2014 to do list, so now i’m even more anxious to get to it!


i’d say a very pleasing and productive 3 day weekend 🙂

ok, heading over to my personal blog, then maybe a little cross stitch before bed.

❤ xtina