think pink!

the other day on facebook, i learned the upsetting news that my friend, who is only 34 by the way, was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

for those of you who know me personally, cancer is a touchy subject for me. my dad died from cancer the year i graduated from college. i also work (prn) at the hospital, in the oncology unit, making chemotherapy drugs.

i knew right away that i had to make something for her. i guess that’s my answer for everything…make something! i went to joann’s right away to get some pink fabric. i have to say, i was pretty disappointed with their selection. i finally found what i was looking for, of all places, in the nursery section, lol. it took me all saturday, but i was SUPER happy with my creation


i can’t decide which of the squares is my fave

20140126-201347.jpg 20140126-202656.jpg 20140126-202705.jpg 20140126-202714.jpg

probably the first one, because i got extra of that fabric for my stash. lol. it’s very feminine and “parisian,” if you will. i also like the polka dot one, because i love polka dots, duh. πŸ™‚ pink and gray is one of my favorite color combos…it reminds me of elephants for some reason, lol


and for a simple, yet personal touch, i added her initials to the back



i figured a travel sized pillow would be a cute, yet practical present. i also made it “envelope style,” for easy washing, as i’m sure it will get it’s share of blood, sweat, and tears. here i am giving it one last squeeze before wrapping it up


oh yeah, and i found THE CUTEST “thinking of you” card



she has a really good sense of humor, so hopefully this will bring a smile to her face.

i popped up, unannounced to deliver the gift, but my luck…they were out of town for the weekend, so i had to hook it on the doorknob, and pray it survived the elements, lol. i haven’t heard from her yet…but i’m hoping she likes it!

today, i tried to get my mess of embroidery floss organized



i need some more of those little paper thingies. add it to the joann’s list!

one of my friends is expecting her first child. i can’t quite remember, but i think her husband wants to find out the gender and she doesn’t? either way, i am making a gender neutral gift. she likes classic winnie the pooh, and i couldn’t seem to find that kind of fabric anywhere! so instead, i decided to do some cross stitch. i won’t reveal the whole pattern, because i know she reads my blog! but here is a sneak peek



you may remember when we went to louisville, and brian bought me a bunch of stuff from a fancy cross stitch shop? (see below)


the piece of linen alone cost a small fortune. however, i REALLY love the look of cross stitching on linen, versus aida cloth. so i decided to buy some linen by the yard, and try it out for myself. my brilliant friend danielle gave me the idea of ironing fusible lightweight interfacing to the back, to stabilize it. genius! wish i would’ve known that trick before starting that other one (above).

i’m pretty impressed and proud of myself and how it’s coming along so far.

this has been a pretty productive weekend, and a pretty productive january!

❀ xtina