valentine garland swap…

while searching around wordpress the other day, i found a post about a valentine’s day swap and quickly joined. we were assigned partners, and sent some info about our partner’s likes and dislikes. along with the garland, we were supposed to send a card, and (at least) three additional little gifts.

here is what my partner sent me:

my favorite ever coca cola haribo gummies, and some other coconut/pineapple white chocolate i’ve already devoured. a super cute heart towel…little did she know i kind of have a thing for seasonal kitchen towels, lol. some smell good lotion, a gluing tool for scrapbooking, and a magnetic bookmark since i’m an avid reader. i absolutely LOVE woodland things…she got me a ton of woodland creature erasers, and a book of stickers that i have decided i will NOT be sharing with my students, lol. i also got gel pens, and a seattle shot glass for my collection. it was a GREAT mail day to say the least! 🙂


my partner loves photography, so instead of making a traditional red/heart garland, i quilted little “polaroid pictures.” she listed that she enjoyed fishing, camping hiking, etc. so i alternated outdoorsy type fabrics, with some cute pinks as well.


i even made little loops at the end so she could hook/hang it up somehow. i was pretty happy with how it turned out. here it is on display at my house. don’t mind the keys or thermostat, lol.


since she is obsessed with starbuck’s, i got her a cute little keychain gift card in the shape of a heart.


i also got her a photo album that had vintage looking cameras on the cover, and some cute snapshots from ikea that i thought she could frame and display.


i have a set of these really cool polaroid greeting cards, so i sent her one that she can either use, or just keep because it’s cute, lol.


she likes owls, so i got an owl fat quarter of fabric, and a really cute owl charm for a necklace or something.


i found this really cute pink mason jar mug, with a candy striped straw. i really wanted one for myself, but it was the last one, and i have a plethora of cups, lol. i thought this nail polish was cute for vday, and this new pomegranate chapstick looked good too.


she doesn’t like chocolate, only hard candy. i figured watermelon is a pretty universal flavor, and also it is pink! 🙂


i love my cute washi tape dispenser, so i got her one too, complete with a roll of simple green tape.


and finally, a “sweet” stationary kit, excuse the pun.


i love giving and receiving cards, and thought this one was super cute for crafty people:



her 14 year old daughter is collecting postcards from around the states, so i sent her one, and also an indiana magnet. i wanted to find one that had something to do with basketball or the indianapolis 500, but was unable to.


her daughter is also a beginning quilter, so i picked out some cool fabrics for her. never too early to start a stash! haha i’m a bad influence, i know.


i love swaps, and can never find any to sign up for, so i was super excited i caught this one in time. not only did i enjoy trading gifts, but i also made a really good friend that i would’ve never known otherwise! sounds like a win-win for me 🙂

in other news, i also received my free silky faille swatch in the mail. isn’t it gorgeous?! i of course will be hoarding this until i find the perfect project for it


i have been working on some other projects, but since they are gifts, i can’t post them just yet.

❤ xtina