get a life

i mean that in the nicest way possible, lol. i can finally post about my latest completed project! for valentine’s day, i made my boyfriend brian a “1 up” pillow…the green mushroom from super mario brothers. it gives you an extra life. here is the front…


and here is the back, lol


i used the grid method, starting with tiny 1.5 inch squares. very tedious, but well worth it. i was able to crank it out in just one evening, while ironically, brian was away playing video games, lol. he loves it and wants me to make more pillows featuring other characters/items from the game.


i had monday off, because of presidents’ day, so i took advantage of the situation and washed a crap ton of fabric.


i managed to sort it all into the projects i had in mind for them, and got about half of them ironed. i HATE ironing! i don’t even iron my clothes! i didn’t even own an ironing board until i started quilting and finally broke down and bought one. the only reason i owned an iron, is because i accidentally inherited it in a break up. lol. needless to say, spending the majority of your day off ironing i’m sure doesn’t sound fun to anyone!


i was going to participate in the layer cake quilt along, because i’ve been wanting to participate in a quilt along, and i’ve also been wanting to start using up my fabric stash…but then i just kept coming back to the gypsy wife quilt:

gypsy wife quilt

and finally, after days of deliberating, bought the crazy expensive pattern booklet for myself today. i’m anxiously awaiting its arrival. isn’t she lovely?! i suppose i could take on two projects at once right? not like i’ve never done that before, lol!

i really shouldn’t head to joann’s because i am trying to tame my spending, but a fabric i bought as backing for a baby quilt got stained when i washed it with something else (despite using color catchers! ugh!) so i need to replace it or find another, and i want to pick up just a few more things to round out my collections for these two upcoming quilt alongs. we shall see i suppose.

haven’t really been in the mood to craft lately. been going back to reading and working on that goal i guess. i am currently on book 12 of 30, and have just until the beginning of november to finish. you can read about the book i just finished here.

can’t believe it’s already 9. time flies! off for some qt with the boy before bed and another work day.

❤ xtina